My name is Michael Guerra. I am currently working at a psychatric facility. I live and work on Long Island in New York. I am currently an LPN, but like everyone else I am striving for my RN degree. My favorite hobbies are bowling, weight lifting, jogging, playing Cililazation Conquests, and RPG's. I have 6 children and a beautiful wife.I also have 11 grandchildren. You can go to some of my children's websites by clicking there faces below. I was a Navy Corpsman for 6 years, stationed with the Marines. I was also a volunteer firefighter, and an EMT. Last updated 06/11/09

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General Medical
Human anatomy page at
 Mikes Mental Heath Links
AIDS Related Links
Jen Munn's CFIDS/Lyme Page
Virtual Hospital Home Page
NSO Home Page
Mental Help Net
Histology World!
FDA Med Watch List
Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

Medical Chat Rooms
Virtual Nurse chat line

IMDB Movie trivia page
Movie previews at

My Children's Homepages





Friends on the Web
Kirins homepage
Ynevar's homepage
Vee Tac's Atrium
Anneliese's homepage
Donation Junction. Check it out.
netrn, Suzie has a lot of fun pages.

E Greetings
Blue Mountain
123Greetings: Send a Card
Mail a Meal - Gourmet Postcards

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