Who is Nuna?

The woman you know as Nuna, was born 31 years ago in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, under the name of Vanina Alejandra...

Since I was a little girl my attraction to Ancient Egypt was something beyond understanding for all who surrounded me, meaning family and friends... I was 7 when announced I decided what I wanna be when I grow up... My choice? Crowned Queen Nefertiti, who I met in the cover of a book... My granny was with me then and after laughed tried to explain I couldn't be her, because she had already died. But that year for me 8th. birthday she gifted me with my first Archaeology book... My vocation had found its name.

Years passed, school was finished and facing university I had to choose something else, Archaeology can't be studied in Buenos Aires... I tried Medicine (having in mind to become a Paleopatologist) for a year and finally quit to become an Anthropologist. Also I studied International Relationship, so... Covered a wide frame into social and human sciences :)


1996... The year that first changed my life: two days before it ended I became into a mom. So now I've got an incredible girl that is 7 years old... Sometimes an angel, sometimes a little devil, but always my hugest pride, Lucia.


Meanwhile all those things were happening to me, my love for Kemet never declined, it grown stronger and deeper all those years (as still does), so since I was the little 7 years old girl (o my! as my daughter who announced she wants to be a painter when grown up!...) I started to study everything at hand about it. In a way the thirst of knowing more and more never got satisfied, I spent thousands in my books, encyclopedias, subscription to specialized magazines... Never was enough... When I met Internet I've found another way to keep forward in becoming an expert (or as much as I can be): First I met Ancient Sites, when it came to its end I arrived to my beloved Pan Historia, through the characters I developed there I could "live" that times, my love...
Browsing pages there I got to a link that transformed my life, I got to The House of Netjer, place where I proudly belong since 2001. What this means?  I am in the house as a Shemsu, which means, I am Kemetic Orthodox and hold the religion of Kemet.

All this frame was settled here to tell you Who really I am: so the woman you know as "Nuna" names Rudjeniheru; it means "Heru is effective for me" and my nick is Rudjeni. Different from the character I develop here (in Pi Ramesses) my Father is Heru-sa-Aset and I am well care by Amen and Sekhmet-Hethert. This is why I put as the beginning the image of my Father taking the hand of this lady, guiding her wherever she needs... For me is caring image with a lot of meaning...

So I think you know much more from me, personally, only there is one thing remaining... If you want to know how my heart is going... It's been doing GREAT! I've found THE one, that person to who you I gave my life, my soul and all my eternity, my future husband... Who? Wanna meet him? Ok, let me ask him first if he wants to be named here, but you can meet him.. just browse wisely around my sites...

This is the writer behind the character... want to know something more or share my life? be my guest and visit my "cyber homes": My personal Per    /    Tribute to my Faith    /    Wire to Kemet


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