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Last Updated 05 October 2007

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AlsoÖNIGERIAN SPAMMERS STOP SENDING ME EMAILS! I donít want to give you my bank account number, so STOP emailing me. Iím sorry you have a poor country and you have to resort to scamming us dumbass Amercians to make money. But STOP!!!!

Important Notes:
Everything on this site is for trade only.  I don't have the biggest collection, but it is hard to listen to every minute of every disc.  If you find that one of my discs is not to your satisfaction, let me know and we can arrange a replacement show.  Also, my trading policies are first to email, first to send which is standard trading protocol.  I've never screwed over anyone on a trade and don't want to be.  If you have any other special requests, please let me know before the trade commences.

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