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We began Letterboxing in July 2003 while on a camping trip to Vermont.  Friends had actually told us about it several months earlier and even though we had gone out and gotten stuff to start we had never gotten around to it!  These same friends were with us in Vermont and we decided to give it a try!
The two we went in search of we never did
find!  They went home a day ahead of us and after
they left we decided to go plant a box before we
returned home.  Our first box was placed ot Kent
Pond in Killington, VT on July 7, 2003!  On the way   home that same afternoon we found our first box,
The Vermont Loon!  We couldn't wait to find and
place more boxes!

In August we told our friends Paul & Mary all about
letterboxing and they quickly became hooked!  Now
we get out and box most weekends, usually with

We enjoy Letterboxing because it gets us outside
enjoying nature and finding places we never knew
existed!  We also love the fact that it is a very
"cheap" way to spend a day!  Not to mention great

We haven't been out boxing much lately.  So much going on!  Hopefully this summer we can get back out and find so many of the new boxes!
Letterboxing with MommaFox
and Bald Eagle
Anna & Paul
To see a list of boxes we have placed.
For clues to our boxes.
To see a list of boxes we have found.
Quechee Gorge
One of our favorite places to camp is in Vermont.  We love the State Parks , they are so quiet and relaxing!  We've hidden several boxes in Vt and have plans for many more!

If you ever get the chance, you need to go see Quechee Gorge and if you can go in the fall that's even better!  This picture is taken from the bottom of the trail looking back at the bridge.  It's uphill on the way back but it's definitely worth the trip!

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P 45 F 514  X 273  E 6
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What is Letterboxing?
Letterboxing is a unique blend of hiking, treasure hunting, orienteering and art.  You find clues to boxes mostly online, but not exclusively.  Follow the clues to the letterbox and stamp in!
Contents of a Letterbox

Plastic container
Zip Loc bags
Ink pad
LB information
My Logbook

I use a 3 ring binder with cardstock pages and dividers for finds, events, exchanges, HH, and plants.
How to make your own letterbox
Getting Started
Frequently Asked Questions
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New England Area Gatherings
Summer is Here!

And the hot weather and mosquitoes too!
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No May Day Gathering This Year!
My son is getting married May 6th!
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