Hi there! Now, if you have no idea what Slayers is, and you wandered here looking for a Buffy The Vampire Slayer site (Hey, I'm sure it's happened to someone somewhere),or you're just starting to get into the show, or you like the show but know jack about it. (I'm looking at you Stacey...), here's some basic info.
Slayers is the story of a super-cute (and super egotistical), but slightly underdeveloped in the chest area...(only don't mention that to her..) sorceress named Lina Inverse, her handsome but dumber than dirt swordsman sidekick, Gourry Gabriev; her overly-serious sexy self-loathing deadpanning chimera friend Zelgadis Greywords (whoo-hoo!), and her hyper-enthusiastic hero-worshipping Princess protege (*deep breath*) Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune.
Not to mention other characters that join them in other parts of the series, like Syphiel Nels Lahda, an extremely annoying Temple Maiden with a thing for "Gourry dear", Xellos Metallium, a Mazoku priest who absolutely adores aggravating our heroes and saying his catch phrase "Now that.. is a secret"(Or for the sub-titled people, "Sore wa himitsu desu."), and Filia Ul Copt, a Priestess of the Fire Dragon Temple and a Golden Dragon who seems to be a target of Xellos' endless teasing. Countless other characters as well, but I just thought I should mention these ones.
Anyhoo, the show follows this group of "heroic adventurers" and "allies of justice" (hah!) as they save the world (a few times, actually), grab a bite to eat, and just try not to get killed (while making smartass comments).In this site,I will most likely spell "Seyruun" like..well.. "Seyruun", but I've seen others who spell it like "Seiruun" or "Seillune". If you have a problem, please, feel free to tell me.
At the moment, the site is mainly filled with information about the first season, but I hope to purchase the Slayers Next episodes soon, so I'll have that up for you asap!
I don't want to give too much away,just in case some of you get pissed off at me for ruining the series.. So let's get to the links!(Updates at bottom of page)

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January 3, 2001: Wow.. I've been lazy.. I fixed the broken images in the character profile section, and I'll get the fanfics updated as well. Give me time, people. Happy new year!
November 15th, 2001: Links page is updated, as well as the sound clips, I fixed a bunch that weren't working, and I'm gonna try and get this in frames soon, as soon as I get my computer fixed u.u I can only update at school.
October 10th,2001: I apologize profusely for the lack of updates, my dad had a stroke and I've been busy taking care of him and my brother, but there's two new fics in the fanfic/art section.. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving
September 11th: My heart and prayers go to the victims and the families who were affected because of the horrible tragedy that happened today.
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