I am 30 and I am A poet although I'm not sure I'll write any of those here! I love unicorns and I have found A knew love in dolls. I want to share some of what I've collected.  I may make A few people mad because most are not mine but I'll try to compensate!
Curently I'm married and we live on the road with Ricky's job.  I am origionly from Arkansas.
My parents died when I was A teen, I am an only child so u can say I'm alone except for my husband, I don't work as of now.
This is the very first web sight and I hope it doesn't make anyone mad at me!
About Me
My Info:My name is Holly
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Well I hope u like them if anyone sees one of there dolls, e-mail me and I'll link u as soon as I figure out how:)
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Under Construction so bare with me...THANKS
Fantasy Pics!!
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