This is Granny next to the GTO that she bought in 1966. She drove it until 1983 when she decided to purchase a new car. She let me have it when they wouldn't take it as trade-in. I drove the car for about 4 years, then decided to put it way for economic reasons. In March ,1997 I realized Granny was starting to get weaker, so I felt it was time to begin fulfilling my dream and goal to finish the GTO so that Granny could see  that I did appreciate her gift. I spent the next 10 months diligently dissassembling the interior and exterior to get it ready for paint and body work. While the body was being redone, I spent time ordering new interior, rebuilding  the engine and cleaning and polishing  chrome pieces. When i got the body back, I started my reassembly. This is the tedious part. Where do all these parts and pieces go, and where did the missing ones walk off to. But , I finally got it all back together. My goal was to have the GTO completed in time for her birthday in January. December 31 rolls in and I finally start the car for the 1st time in 10 years. It was an awesome sound with no exhaust pipes on it. The next week I had exhaust installed and was able to drive it around a little to straighten out the bugs. January 16 was coming up quick but I was on schedule. The night before, the power steering went out and had to replace the pump the next morning. All went well and I was ready and so was the GTO. I drove over to her house and surprised her with it. For the rest of my life I will never forget the statement she made when she saw the car in her driveway. "It's beautiful! Give it back!" She couldn't have said it any better. We took her out for her birthday to El Chico and she had a wonderful time. I offered her the drivers seat, but she was enjoying just being in the car again.

The GTO didn't get driven for the next 3 months because the engine had an oiling problem and burned out the crankshaft. Unfortunatly, that was the only ride that Granny was able to take in "her" GTO. She passed away on Easter weekend in 1998. I was dissappointed that I had been unable to take her out more in the GTO, but was at ease knowing that I had accomplished my dream and my goal , to make her smile. This site is dedicated in memory of her.  Thanks Granny for the rides in the GTO and for all the memories I have of you. This GTO will always remind me of you.




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