What's Happened So Far

Season Four: The Five Generals

This season begins a few days after Season Three: Rise of the Demons. The characters found out that Breaker actually has a warrent with his name on it, and now is being hunted down by P.S.I., which doesn't bode well for him. On top of that Malachi, Breaker, and their healer friend ran into a creature that appears to be half shai-zen, with the powers of a shadow slayer. This unknown man used a power that Malachi was able to identify as the "Word of Slaying" which paralyzed all three of them for a couple of minutes, durring which time he took one of their zodiac stones. After recovering from that defeat Breaker was able to negotiate with P.S.I. a surrender by him, and two people were assigned to watch him for some time. After doing this most of the characters met at the Crash Cafe, asked about Albert to find he was still in a coma, and a new face entered the room. An elvan archer named Zalius, with a panther companion, he introduced himself when the other characters approached him, and spent the rest of the night with most of the characters drinking and talking after Joseph had showed up.

Over the next few days Malachi was feeling rather disgrunteled, while the others were trying to figure out what was going on, and what to do. Eventually, Malachi snapped and started to go on a murdering rampage. The police borrowed from Toronto responded quickly, draging Breaker, Joseph, Jacob, and the acolyte with them to help deal with the situation. They all wound up on the roof, and wound up in a fight against Malachi.

Malachi was subdued however, and the remaining characters wound up later that night having to fight Geoffry Hawk, and two of his subordinates. Breaker was put into a coma, and one of the subordinates was killed. A few weeks later Jacob wound up at the Crash, and met up with two new characters: Azrael a dragon blooded human, and a dwarf from the Vamgre clan under ALberts control. On top of that, ALbert had finally resurfaced, only to find out what's been going on so he had the Vamgre immediatly seek out his father, once they found out and told Albert this group went to the Home Depot on Adelaide. The Vamgre were in battle with several Shai-zen, while Jacob and the two newbies took on the abomination and Albert took on his father. After the abomination was taken out they went to the roof of Sobey's and took out their former elvan ally who was actually working for Geoffry. Albert finished off the fight in dragon form and frenzied on the corpse of Geoffry.

Season One: Zodiacs and Blood Fangs

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Season Two: The Undead

Season Three: Rise of the Demons

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