What's Happened So Far

Season Three: Rise of the Demons

This season takes place a month after Season 2: The Undead. This season didn't get off on a joyous note, Albert was immediatly kidnapped, while Ronald Rolando's hideout was destroyed by numerous shadow with him in it. After the remaining party investegated what they could, Jacob saw a light similar to the zodiac light flash from downtown. When they got down there they were stumped and decided to have a look around from atop the London Hilton. When they got up their they saw a twelve foot tall, six foot wide diamond draining the Hilton of energy though they didn't know it at the time. The party was also attacked by four greater barghest. Jacob and Joseph were nearly killed by the beasts, but Akane was able to help them before they were killed. After the battle Joseph took major ability damage when he touched the diamond while Akane followed a lead with hope of finding Albert. Then Leon used one of the water zodiac stones to cast acid fog which destoyed the roof level of the building, and the diamond.

Akane managed to find Albert stuck to an altar with silver spikes through his upper legs, and shoulders. She immediatly took the spikes out, and eventually took Albert to his safehouse, where she began taking care of him. The worst of it being that Albert was now in a coma. The other characters didn't come across anything untill about three days later, they found a large emerald placed above the John Labatt Center. The emerald was similar to the diamond found on top of the Hilton. This time they were attacked by about twenty-five driders. For a while the fight wasn't going well, then Leon started using his Wand of Magic Missile as if it was the end of the world. After that everyone Breaker took Leon to the hospital for medical attention because he was severly injured at some point in the fight.

Breaker came back to the JLC and destroyed the emerald, and a good portion of the JLC as well. Then the characters found one atop the Covent Garden Market, and quickly destroyed that one, without any problems. The day after, Leon left the city to bring the living police back to London, while he was gone, Breaker went into the police station and fought a couple of creatures called chokers. After dealing with them, and taking more supplies from the undead police at the station, he set up several explosives to level the building. When he left the living police were back, and started a fight with the undead. Breaker hit the switch, leveled the police station, and accidentally killed all the undead, and living in front of the building. When reporters arrived, Breaker then threw a greanade at the reporters, hoping to scare them away, but again luck was against his plan, and he killed them with his grenade.

A few weeks passed with the city being rather quiet, and the characters realized that they have been fighting the wave of shadow for about a year. They decided to have a party to celebrate, near the end of the party, Joseph had a vision of another gem, the characters eventually went to the Zellers at Masonville Place, and found ten beautiful women waiting for them. Breaker was the only one that saw half dragons. The characters were sudduced by the women atop the store, but Joseph was the first to break free of the spell, to find he was ready to make love to a succubus, and was surrounded by nine others as well. Joe immediatly killed the one before him, which the Leon, and Breaker who were the only other ones there at the time didn't like, and started attacking him. Breaker was the next to break free of the spell, and started helping Joe to fight the demons. Eventually they were all free of the power, and killing the succubi, Joe leaving one alive for his own sexual appitites.

The next day the three found out who was leading the monsters in this particular incursion, and found out it was all for the shai-zen. After looking through the sewers, the three men found a portal in the same room that Albert was found. They went through the portal to find themselves in a cave. They explored the cave, and confronted an adult red dragon. The dragon wasn't easily slain, but it was done, and the three took its skin as quickly as possible to make a couple of vests, a poncho, and three pairs of gloves. The demons stopped coming into our world with these mysterious gems, thus ending the season. However Albert is still in a coma, and the final six gems are still active.

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