The Original Series

On September 8, 1966, the pilot episode of a new series entitled Star Trek was shown to twelve million people across America.

From these initial glimpses of the Star Trek universe, no one could have guessed at the shows eventual cult status or of its enduring popularity throughout the world.

The original series of Star Trek survived for a total of three seasons producing 79 hours of television before finally being cancelled in 1969 due to low viewership.

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The Animated Series

Although Star Trek: The Animated Series lasted only two seasons, for a total of only 22 one half hour episodes, it did reunite the original cast and many of the writers.

It premiered Saturday morning, April 8, 1973 without the monetary restrictions the live action series had. Because of this, the animated series could truly go where no man had gone before.

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The Movies

Opening to much anticipation after 10 years without a live Star Trek, except in reruns, Star Trek: The Motion Picture premiered December 7th, 1979. And thus began the run of Star Trek movies, second only in number to the James Bond series of movies.

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