Legends Home Page

Legends Home Page

Welcome to my website! I have just recently learned HTML and now I'm learning Javascript. If there is a problem with any of my pages please inform me.

If your asking who are you, well your not alone I've been asking myself that question for awhile. Call me "Legend" I like the name. Notice the image on the right side that's me always with my hands in my pockets. It's my security system for protecting my cards. If your a Battle Tech, Magic or Babylon 5 player you know how it is.

I live in New York so there's always something to do it's only unusual here if there isn't. Where I live they're always shooting movies or photo shoots with models so it's cool but loud "Cut ... Quite on the set... that's not what I wanted".

I love Sci-fi, Fantasy, Anime and a huge Faye Wong Fan so most of my site will be dedicated to these subject's. I also have other interest that will be included on this site so you should look around.

The website still isn't finished but you should stil check it out I'm alway updating!! To Enter my site click on next and you really should check out my site with the latest Internet Explorer.

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