Trapped, they were trapped.


Well this was’nt predicable


Dr X held out his hand.


“The poison Mr. Mann”


Alex took a step back.


Check it out


He switched Fidget into one arm and wrapped his hand around her stomach.


Dial it in


He looked around the room at Tempest than Asazi they both had there weapons raised.




Everything froze. Numbers swirled everywhere, lighting up a security camera mounted on the wall, Asazi’s crossbow, Tempest and the key pad the opened the door. He choose his path. Alex, still holding Fidget in one arm, ran toward the camera, jumped up high, and kicked it off its mounting. The camera flew towards Asazi, hitting her crossbow and knocking out of her hands, it flew back and hit Tempest square in the jaw, he fell backwards, sending out electricity as he did. The bolts hit the key pad, frying the circuits inside and opening the door. Alex ran for the door, jumped up on the table and propelled himself towards the door. He flew to Asazi, just missing her by a few inches. She grabbed his right ankle and he flew flat on the floor, Fidget flying room his arms and hitting and computer console across the room. Alex turned around best he could and looked Asazi dead in the eye.


“Gotcha now lover boy”


He raised his left leg.


“Don’t think so”


And he kicked her in the stomach so hard she flew back into Dr. X, knocking them both unconscious. Alex kicked Tempest, he was out too. Alex smiled.


Cool, I took down the counsel of doom in less than a minute.


Alex walked over and picked up the still unconscious Fidget and headed for the exit.




Well? What do ya think? There’s still more to come, so this isn’t the end.

Chapter 10
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