Asazi watched over a closed circuit monitor as Alex rose towards the ship. She walked over to the door and opened it. Alex floated in front of her. The bug pulled him into the ship and Asazi shut the door behind it.  


“Hey there lover boy”


“Where’s Fidget?”


Asazi said nothing; she just turned on her heel and walked away.


“HEY! Wait!”


He followed her down the hall. She walked into a large room, the council of doom headquarters. X and Tempest, who had been sitting down, stood up.


“Where’s is she, X?” 


“Do you have the G-12 Mr. Mann?”




Alex pulled it out of his pocket. Dr. X reached for it, but, Alex pulled it away.


“Not until I see Fidget”


“Very well”


X lead Alex through a door and into his lab. Alex saw Fidget’s limp form lying on the table and he rushed over to her. He checked her pulse, she was alive.


“What’d you do to her?”


“Mr. Mann, I assure you, I have done nothing to your friend, nothing yet”




Alex picked her up.


“Listen, I don’t care what you do to me, but you have to let her go”


“I don’t HAVE to do anything, Mr. Mann”


“I brought you the G-12, now, you can’t hurt her”


“I’m not going to hurt her, Mr. Mann, I’m going to kill her, AND YOU!”


Alex stepped back, he had to think of a way to get outta there. He looked around, Tempest and Asazi stood by the door, the only door. There were no windows. They were trapped.

Chapter 9
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