Okay, this is a very special chapter. Sonar wanted me to do a chapter on Fidgets feelings about this situation. So, this chapter is from Fidgets POV, and its takes place the while chapter 4 is happening.



I donít want to die. But I donít want Alex to die trying to save me. And I donít want a lot of people to die. Why does it have to be like this? Why? Why does Alex have to decide what happens to me. Itís not fair for him to have to choose. Why is this happening to us? If Alex comes here, X will probably kill him and me. But, if he doesnít come, well, If he doesnít comeÖÖ.either wayÖÖeither way, Iím dead. This is it. I, I canít believe that this is how Iíll die. Killed by some, some mad scientist! Itís hardly fair. But, I guess, if my death means a lot of other people wont die, well, I guess I wont die for nothing. I just wish I could say goodbye to Alex, Grinder, Rikki and Vinnie. Thereís still so much I need to say. I donít think they know how much lettuce to give Vinnie. Or, how much I love them. If I die, theyíll never know. They wonít know anything! Whoís gonna take over for me? What will happen to the guys? Who will feed Vinnie? I canít believe this! The last few hours of my life, and Iím gonna spend them clasped to a wall! I always thought Iíd die when I was old. Not now. Not like this. But, then again, I never thought about mad scientists and weird stuff like that until Alex discovered his AMP factor. And so many times I could have died, but, I didnít. Alex always saved me. But, Alex canít save me now. I donít think anyone can. This is one of those Ďimpossible situationsí. No matter what, Iím gonna die. Iíll never get to talk to Rikki! Maybe if I had just talked to him then, instead of running away. Maybe none of this would be happening. It would be different. I probably wouldnít have gone with Alex, or, maybe Rikki would have come, and, and maybe I wouldnít be here. This wouldnít be happening. If Alex gives the poison to X, itíll be my fault that people die. I couldnít live with that, Iíd rather be dead. I wonder how X will do it? No, no, come on Fidget, donít think about that. Think of something, something happy. Like my dad. I havenít seen him in so many years, not since I decided to go into filming. God, he was so mad at me. I wonder if he still is. I miss him though, and my mom. But, Iíll get to see her soon. I havenít seen her since I was five. When she died. I wonder what Candy is up to. How will they know that Iím dead? Alex doesnít even know about my parents. Only Candy. And heíll have a hard time finding her. I mean, even I donít know where she is, and sheís my sister. How long has it been since I got here? Probably not along time. Geez, I hope Alex decide not to come get me. I hope he realized that itís not worth it. I really do.

Chapter 7
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