It was 1:14 am. Alex sat alone at the table. He couldn’t sleep. He knew he should try, but, thinking about Fidget and where she was. Well, what was he going to do?


If I go to X, well, it could be a trap. Then, he’d get the G-12, kill me and Fidget too. But, I can’t just leave her there. If I do, X will kill her, and then just start thinking of another way to kill 99% of the world. If I give it to him, and he DOES let us live, well, maybe there’s a chance we could stop him. But, if we don’t…. we die anyways. I could fake the G-12, no, no, X is to smart for that. There’s no time for a sneak attack. How can I do this?


That’s when it hit Alex, There was no way to save Fidget. He goes to X, he gives him the poison, Fidget and many others dies from the G-12. He doesn’t go, X kills her.


“You, couldn’t sleep either?”


Alex looked up slowly. He saw Rikki, sitting across the table from him.




“What are you going to tomorrow?”


“I don’t know Rikki”


“Your not thinking about………leaving her there, are you?”


Alex put his head in his hands.


“I don’t know. If I go, X could kill me and her anyways, and he’d have the G-12.”


“You can think of something, right, I mean, we, we can just let her die. ALEX, this is Fidget we’re talking about. And, and if something happens to her, I, I don’t what I’d do”


Alex suddenly remembered what Fidget had told him. Rikki is in love with her. He stood up and walked over by Rikki.


“Don’t worry Rikki, I’m not going to leave her there. I’m gonna get her back safe, I promise.”


Tears formed in Rikki’s eyes.






“Rikki, look at me, I want you to get some sleep.”


“Alex, you need it more then me”


He was right. Alex had something big coming, much, much bigger then an acceleration game.

Chapter 6
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