Fidget opened her eyes.


Where am I?


She could hardly see, all the colors were swirling together. She closed her eyes again and shook her head around. When see opened her eyes

again, she saw double, but only for a second. Where was she? She knew she was’nt lying down. She was clasped to a wall. Her arms and legs were spread so she kinda looked like an X. Around her wrists and her

ankles were metal clasps. She thrust her body forward and felt something else . She looked down; there was also a clasp around her stomach.


Man, this sucks


She could hear people talking somewhere, 2 men and a woman, she thought. She recognized one of the voices, it was Dr. X! That meant she was probably on his air ship, so, even if she could get out of the clasps, she won’t be able to escape. The door opened and she turned to see Tempest, Dr X and Asazi walk in. Fidget closed her eyes tight and prayed that it was all just a dream and when she opened her eyes, she’d be back in her bed on Big Air. No such luck. She opened them and found herself face to face with Tempest.


“Hey there red, glad to see I didn’t hurt you to bad” 


“Gee, thanks for your concern, YELLOW”


He raised his arm like he was going to hit her. But X stopped him.


“TEMPEST! Don’t hurt her…yet”


Tempest turned away from X and back to Fidget. He narrowed his eyes and whispered


“Your lucky”


to her and then he walked over to where Asazi was standing.


“Ah, Miss Wilson”


Fidget turned her head to face Dr X.


“Do you know are important you are to this operation?”


Fidget bit her lip.





Alex, Grinder and Rikki sat around the table. No one talked. There was only one thing to talk about. And no one really wanted to. But poor Rikki couldn't take it anymore.


“What are we going to do!? We HAVE to do SOMETHING. We can’t just stop looking for her! She has be alive, she just HAS to be.”


Alex was about to answer when Dr X’s image popped up on the TV screen.


“Hello Mr. Mann”


Alex and Grinder stood up to get a better view of the screen.


“I believe you have something that I want”


Alex looked down at the flask the sat on the table in front of him.


“You’re not getting that, X”


“Well, what if I propose a trade?”


The camera moved so that Fidget appeared on the screen. Upon seeing her, Rikki stood up also, and when and stood by Grinder.   


“Well, how about it Mr. Mann? Your friend for the G-12?”





Tempest his hand over her mouth and cut her off. She squirmed for a few seconds but stopped when she realized Asazi had her bow aimed directly at her heart.




“Oh, believe me Mr. Mann, if that poison isn’t in my hands by noon tomorrow, I WILL kill her.” 


X disappeared from the screen, and Rikki fell to his knees.


“Alex? What are you going to do?”


Alex closed his eyes and sighed. What were they going to do.

Chapter 5
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