Chapter 4

By: Fidget

Alex had called authorities about Fidgetís death and explained the details as close as any member could come to them. Evidently, there was no other family or friends to notify except for Candice, who took it harder even than Rikki.

"She was so young!" the twin sister was heard to cry once she had been informed of Fidgetís death. Grinder cast a side-glance at Alex, who shrugged.

"Candy," Alex started cautiously. "Weíre willing to help with any, ahÖarrangements. Just call if you need any help."

Candy nodded silently, and left quickly. Alex sighed and beckoned to the rest of the team. "Might as well find your black suits, guys."


Fidgetís breath came in irregular patterns. Tempest had hooked her to several different machines with wires on sticky pads, and was also monitoring her eyes with an even more aggravating invention that hung in front of her face and shone bright light into one eye. She gripped the arm rests of the steel chair spasmodically with both hands, because she was strapped in and didnít have much other way to let out her anger. Her fingernails screeched across the cold metal more than once, and her teeth ground.

Tempest watched the readouts with interest. Her pupils dilated, heartbeat quickened, temperature rose. This girl was majorly pissed off. And another reading puzzled him even more. Something that didnít really fit in anywhere, but strengthened quickly. He glanced over the monitor at her, and she sent a glare back at him. She mumbled something, but her teeth were clenched so tightly closed that the words fuzzed together. He smirked at her anger.

Fidget felt as if a high fever had set in. The bright light shone through her eyelids in red, the eyes themselves burned in her skull. Her mouth was dry, and sweat popped up in beads all over her body. She panted for air, feeling as if she were in an oven. The metal of the chair burned and seared her skin where they touched directly. A sudden sensation that she had burst into flame, and she screamed what had to be her dying breath.

Tempest leapt back from the console as the monitors blew out and the control panels threw sparks. He looked back up quickly.

Fidget threw back her head and twisted and writhed in the chair. Her hair was damp, and her skin glistened for a moment before flashing to transparent blue. He watched her with his mouth open slightly until she fell back in the chair again, with her skin completely visible and her breathing audible. Her hair was limp and stringy on the sides of her face; her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath. He walked over to her slowly, without even knowing what he was doing, and stared dumbly at her.

She swallowed hard, and opened her eyes slowly. Her head turned upwards to look back at him.

"What the hell just happened?" she gasped out, and Tempest smiled slightly.

"I think itís obvious," he started, still amazed at what he had just witnessed.

"Well, do you mind stating the obvious?! I must have missed something!" she rasped harshly.

" have the same powers as me!" he cried, realizing he didnít have a term for his ability yet. His smiled faded to an expression of awe, and he slowly tilted his head skyward. "Youíve connected with the storm."

Fidget watched his upturned face for a moment, a look of disgust tugged at one corner of her lip. "Connected with the storm? You mean, I can do thatÖthat electric thing?"

Tempest frowned. "Yes. You can do Ďthat electric thingí. Your vocabulary is astonishing."

Fidget snorted. "Your vocabulary frosts me over."

"Youíre juvenile!"

"Iím juvenile?! Youíre fourteen!"

Tempest clenched his fists. "Are you always this impossible?!"

Fidget grinned. "Yes, and I plan to say that way. You got a problem with it?"

"Definitely not."

The reply had rolled off his tongue before he had time to think. He shot a glance back to her, and saw she had diverted her attention to something on the floor. "I mean, it may be a problem later on, butÖ"

"Youíre not a very good liar. Youíre not too smooth, either."

Tempest swallowed. "I have a few duties I need to get to. Iíll just be leaving." He walked briskly out the door.

Fidget sighed exasperatedly. Great, on top of everything else, she had some freshman kid with his eyes on her. Just what she needed.

"Iím in deep water now, huh Vi-"

Her gaze had fallen downwards as she spoke, and she realized that her reptilian friend was not within the usual three-foot range of her. She sighed again, and slouched downward. The world was a cruel place for short camerawomen that day.

[One month Later...]

Neither was the world kind to the rest of the Team. Candy had arranged a funeral without the offered help of Alex, Grinder, and Rikki, and today was the day. The weather had not even the decency to rain, but was swelteringly hot. Alex pulled at the collar of his suit.

"Couldnít it be rescheduled? Wearing an all black suit today is murder!"

Rikki straightened his jacket with a set look on his face. "Iíd prefer to think of it as martyrdom."

Grinder said nothing, only sat and waited for the others to be ready.

As they headed out into the convertible, all were silent. Silent but for the slight panting they issued, that is. They climbed into the car, buckled up, and Grinder flipped on the air conditioner.

Nothing happened.

There was a collective groan, and Rikki, who had kept honorably silent about the discomfort and inconvenience, threw his hands into the air and cried out, "Why does this have to happen on top of everything else?!"

"Calm down, Rikki," said Alex, laying a reassuring hand on his managerís shoulder. "Itíll be fine if we all keep calm."

"How can I keep calm?!" Rikki shrieked. "Right in the middle of our busiest season, right in the middle of all the scheduling and the planningÖAs if I werenít stressed enough before she up and died!"

Alex and Grinder stared at their friend and business partner. Rikki frowned deeper.

"Donít think Iím not sorry she died! Of course Iím upset! But I was already upset and now Iím ready to explode!"

"Well, we best get going unless we want to be late." Grinder changed the subject deftly, striking what was and would always be a nerve for Rikki.

Chapter 5
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