Upon The Wind
By Lady Hawke

Feedback: trekheaven@yahoo.ca Series: TOS Pairing: K/Apollo Rating: NC-17, PWP, explicit m/m sex. There is also one really small het scene. Summary: What really happened in "Who Mourns for Adonis" between all those commercial breaks. Feedback: Please! Feedback can be sent to trekheaven@yahoo.ca, the KFF mailing list, or ASCEML. This is my first ever slash story, so feedback is definitely welcome. Archive: KFF (http://webspace.webring.com/people/ek/kirk_fuh_q_fest), ASCEML, anyone else please ask, thanks.

Disclaimer: Paraborg/Viacom own Star Trek. I'm just having some fun here with the characters. God knows the TPTB never let them have any. I am making no money off this, which is really too bad 'cause I sure could use it. TPTB are the owners of the characters of Kirk, Apollo, and the others in this story. The rest of the story is all mine, for better or for worse.


"Welcome to Olympus, Captain Kirk," said Apollo.

Apollo had risen 18-feet above Kirk and the Enterprise landing party. He had ringed himself with fire. His beautiful bronze-tanned face was marked with fury. He showered the air with flames, then, he disappeared, taking Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas with him.

Palamas was the Enterprise's resident expert on Greek mythology, and quite simply, a beautiful woman. She had slate-gray eyes, copper hair, and round, full breasts and hips.

Kirk still remembered the hard-on he got when she first stepped off the transporter platform and onto his ship. Her body was fluid. Her smile warm and bright. His body had shivered at the touch of her hand against his. His body wanted her.

As he slowly and deliberately shook hands with Palamas, Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott came around from behind the transporter controls to introduce himself to the Enterprise's new crew woman. He practically drooled over her much to Kirk's amazement. Scotty had become inseparable from her and Kirk was left to take care of his own hard-on.

Kirk had no doubt as to what Apollo wanted with Carolyn.

//They're back here some where he thought. Back somewhere among the olive trees and the fields of green that were so much like Greece. Like Greece? Mount Olympus? Apollo? How was it possible?//

The Enterprise was orbiting Pollux 4, a class M planet much like Earth, but thousands of light-years from the real Earth, and the home of the ancient Greek Gods of Mount Olympus.

Apollo was second only to his father, Zeus, in power of the Gods and there were those in ancient Greece who thought he had risen above Zeus. The patron God of music, of light and archery, Apollo also controlled prophecy.

//The ancient Greeks thought the sun rose and was set by Apollo thought Kirk.//

With his muscular arms and legs, dark eyes, and a face raw with beauty and passion, Apollo, if he was Apollo, left no doubt of his power; his power over beauty, over strength, and over Kirk and the Enterprise.

Kirk crouched down among some weeds and waited, listening in the light wind for some sound of Apollo and Carolyn. Sweat trickled down the back of his neck. His hand moved down to his groin to shift his cock, which was sweaty and uncomfortable.

His cock twitched and stiffened at the touch. A bulge formed in his pants.

//This is no time for that Kirk thought.// He listened intently for any sounds in the wind. Silence was his only companion though so Kirk moved on.

"Do ye think he'll find her," asked Mr. Scott to the other two members of the landing party, who were all sitting among the white stone pillars of the ancient Greek ruins of Pollux 4.

Ensign Pavel Chekov shrugged.

Dr. Leonard McCoy pulled at the neck of his uniform shirt and wiped at the sweat that was dripping from his brow and into his eyes. "Damn, if I know," he said, "if he doesn't...."

"If he does," said Chekov, "he'll have to face Apollo."

"Way to stay positive, Pavel," drawled McCoy.

"I should have gone with him."

"You didn't exactly have much choice in the matter. Benefits of command I'm afraid," said McCoy, as he leaned back against the steps of Apollo's marble throne, trying to find some escape from the heat.

McCoy looked over at Scotty who had gone into a deep funk after Carolyn had seemed to willingly go off with Apollo. It was a rare occasion when Scotty looked up from his technical journals and his engines to take notice of a woman.

//Unfortunately, thought McCoy, this woman didn't return Scotty's passion or love. Yet, Scotty still adored her. As did Apollo, apparently.//

McCoy sighed. //Now Jim's gone off by himself to rescue Carolyn, who probably doesn't even want to be rescued, from a man who has spent the last 5,000 years waiting for a lover. Five thousand years!//

McCoy shivered at the thought. //If you don't come back alive you stubborn, blond-headed shit disturber, I'll...dammit, just get back here Jim. Alive.// McCoy fidgeted against the hot stone steps and waited.

The blond-headed shit disturber had found what he was looking for. Carolyn was lying on her back on a flat stone bench, knees apart, legs splayed, her white gown flowing down around her waist, while portions of it tumbled to the grass below, her breasts were exposed.

Apollo's hands roamed her body, feeling the plump breasts, squeezing them before moving his hands down to her thighs and then to her ass. He grabbed at her ass, lifting her slightly off the bench, squeezing at her cheeks.

Apollo was naked. His own robe was strewn on the grass beside the bench. His cock, hard, throbbing, was thrust into Carolyn's pussy and then pulled back out again as he slowly fucked her. Sweat trickled down his back. His muscular ass was tight as it moved up and down with his thrusts.

Carolyn moaned. Cum was streaming down the inside of her thigh. Her hands moved up to touch at her own breasts as she began to wither under Apollo's fucking. She arched her back. "Oh God yes! Yes, fuck me," she groaned.

Kirk let a groan escape from his mouth. Kneeling among some brushes, he kept himself hidden as he watched Apollo fuck Carolyn. His own hardness grew with each passing second.

He looked down at the large bulge that had formed at his groin. His own erection was constrained against the tight uniform pants. His heart pounded as he watched Apollo, watched that ass lift and descend as his cock moved into Carolyn, watched as Apollo closed his eyes, ecstasy showing on that golden-face.

Shivers of excitement streamed down Kirk's spine. //Get a grip thought Kirk. You can't face Apollo with your stiff cock hanging out of your pants.// His cock pulsated at the thought. It wanted to do exactly that. //Damn thought Kirk.//

He looked away from Carolyn and Apollo and tried to find his anger. The anger that had arisen when Apollo had told all of them they were staying on this planet to worship him. The anger that came when he began to realize how powerful Apollo was. They were prisoners --all of them, and everyone on the Enterprise. It worked. He was mad.

Kirk turned back to find Carolyn and Apollo sitting on the bench holding each other. Their fuck session was over. He got up from his hiding place to confront Apollo.

"Captain!" Carolyn gasped when she saw him. She moved away from Apollo shifting her robe up to cover her breasts.

Apollo, still naked, just stared and smirked at Kirk.

Kirk seethed. "Lieutenant Palamas we are going back to the others and then," he glared at Apollo, "we're leaving this place."

Apollo laughed. He stood up and stretched. He moved his arms above his head, extending his torso, and yawned.

"Kirk you're a bore. A stubborn bore." He moved towards Kirk to cup at his chin, raising it. Apollo studied his face and smiled warmly into his hazel-green eyes.

"Aphrodite took favour upon you Kirk. Your beauty...and your strength...is exquisite." He dropped Kirk's chin. "You remind me of Hercules, Kirk. He too was a stubborn bore. Huffing and puffing over every minor indiscretion, every perceived insult against him and impatient over things that he could not control."

"Cap-tain?" Carolyn said quietly. She looked at him with worry in her eyes. He smiled at her a comforting smile that he did not feel.

"You better get back to the others. Scotty is worrying himself sick over you. I'll take care of things here," he assured her and looked back at Apollo. He heard her quietly leave. Apollo watched her go. Kirk decided to go on the offensive.

"Apollo you're the one who's being stubborn. The days of the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus are over and have been for more than 5000 years. Hades, Aphrodite, Hera, they knew that that's why they're not here. We can not worship you. We will not worship you. Give it up before you force us to DESTROY you," Kirk pleaded.

Apollo descended on him, angry. He grabbed both of Kirk's shoulders and pulled him forward. "They were weak. They gave up. I will not. I knew. I knew that you would come here and things would be as they were. I begged them to stay, to not leave me alone here, to wait for you. I knew you would come. I have waited," Apollo choked, his voice breaking, "I have waited 4000 years for it," he whispered.

Kirk swallowed a lump of pity in his throat. //To be alone for 4000 years!// Apollo was standing inches from him. The heat from his body covered Kirk like a blanket. Apollo was breathing heavily, fiercely. His eyes pierced Kirk's.

Kirk gritted his teeth. "Then you have waited for nothing. You have waited only to be destroyed." The backhand slap from Apollo sent Kirk flying to land on his ass.

Apollo reached for him again, but Kirk recovered to roll away from his grasp. He wasn't quick enough on the second attempt and Apollo grabbed at his shoulders again. He pulled Kirk into a tight embrace, squeezing his shoulders painfully. Kirk could barely breathe and he couldn't move at all.

Apollo's dark eyes looked at Kirk with fury,his lips mere millimeters away. He crushed Kirk against him, chest to chest, until Kirk could feel Apollo's heart beating. His breath was ragged.

Kirk's own heart was pounding. Blood rushed into his groin. His cock started to throb and then jerked to stiffen. Kirk didn't have to look down to know a bulge had formed at the front of his pants. Apollo didn't either.

The fury left Apollo's face and slowly a smile formed to replace it. Apollo moved his own groin up against Kirk's erection, pressing against it. Kirk tried to swallow a groan, but it escaped from his lips.

"Kirk," whispered Apollo, "you are a man of many surprises." Apollo's mouth pressed against Kirk's, hard. One hand left his shoulder for the back of his neck. The other moved to his ass and squeezed, digging Kirk's erection into Apollo's own growing bulge.

Their tongues fought against each other. Apollo moved away from Kirk's mouth, kissing his right cheek, his ear, and then down to his neck, sucking at him. Kirk gasped.

Apollo bent forward and placed Kirk on his back on the ground. Apollo's hands roamed Kirk's body before sneaking up to roam under his command shirt. He felt Kirk's chest and squeezed at his nipples. Apollo lifted the shirt too just below Kirk's neck, exposing his chest.

His mouth came down hard on Kirk's right nipple, sucking it, teasing it with his tongue. Kirk threw his head back and arched his back. He moaned. Apollo moved to the left nipple. His hands continued to roam over Kirk's chest and his back. He reached up and pulled Kirk's shirt off.

Apollo's mouth came down softly onto Kirk's. His lips caressed. His tongue explored. Apollo moved his hands down to the top of Kirk's pants releasing the clasps.

"You are so beautiful Kirk. I am sure Aphrodite is jealous that she could not be here in my place," whispered Apollo. His hands moved down the front of Kirk's pants. He grabbed Kirk's erection and moved his hand slowly along the shaft and caressed Kirk's stiff cock.

Kirk moved his hips, grinding his cock into Apollo's hands. "Don't stop," he moaned. Kirk began thrusting his hips, but Apollo wrapped his legs around him, stopping him.

Apollo's hands moved to grab at the top of Kirk's pants. He pulled them down to the knees along with Kirk's underwear. Kirk's cock broke free to stand hard against his tummy. Apollo clasped hold of his thick, pulsating cock and moved a hand up and down the shaft, milking it.

He massaged Kirk's balls with the other hand, cupping them, rolling them, playing with them until Kirk groaned with pleasure. Apollo's lips closed over Kirk's knob and he began to suck his cock.

"Ohhhhh," groaned Kirk. He looked down to watch Apollo swirl the head of his cock in his mouth, pressing his tongue into the slit, and then sucking him hard.

Kirk could hardly breathe. His heart beat against his chest. His nipples tightened. He arched his back and tried to send his cock deeper into Apollo's mouth. Apollo instead let him go and licked at Kirk's shaft with his tongue. Up and down from base to tip, lapping at the sensitive underside.

"Suck me Apollo. Suck me," Kirk pleaded. Apollo's mouth came down over Kirk's rock hard penis again. Kirk grabbed at the top of Apollo's head, cramming his cock into Apollo's mouth and deep into the back of his throat as he started to thrust. In and out. In and out. Apollo's head was bobbing up and down as he took in the full length of Kirk's shaft.

Just when Kirk was about to cum, Apollo stopped again. Kirk groaned and let out a sob. He needed to cum. He needed release. Apollo smiled at him. His hand moved up to caress Kirk's face. "Shhhh," whispered Apollo. He moved himself so his stiff, throbbing, purple-veined cock was at the entrance of Kirk's mouth.

"Take me Kirk," said Apollo, his voice husky with desire. Kirk opened his mouth and swallowed Apollo's cock, slurping at it, sucking it. He grabbed at Apollo's thighs and moved him forward, squeezing at his ass. Kirk released Apollo's cock to take one of his own fingers in his mouth and drenched it with saliva.

He grabbed at Apollo's ass again and took his cock back into his mouth. He sucked at the shaft as he moved his head up and down the full length. He inserted his salivated finger up Apollo's ass. Apollo eyes widened in surprise, but he moaned as Kirk began to fuck him with his finger.

Apollo rocked his hips and thrust his cock harder into Kirk's mouth. Kirk sucked at his cock hard. He squeezed Apollo closer until his balls were slapping against Kirk's chin.

"Ahhhhh, I'm cumming Kirk. Oh great Zeus!" Apollo yelled as his body stiffened and his cock shuddered and jerked in Kirk's mouth. He shot his hot frothy seed down Kirk's throat as Kirk sucked his cock dry.

His finger still up Apollo's ass, Kirk took it out and grabbed at Apollo's hips. He moved Apollo's ass over his own rock hard cock and guided it into the tight puckered opening. Kirk growned as his cock slid into Apollo.

He took hold of Apollo's eyes, which were wide with surprise again, with his own. But Apollo made no move to stop Kirk. Kirk started to thrust his hips upwards and guided Apollo's hips down onto him. Slowly, he moved in and out of Apollo's ass.

"Apollo," grunted Kirk, "have you ever been fucked by a man before?"

Apollo didn't speak, but shook his head no. His answer excited Kirk and he moved his hips faster, sending his cock deeper into Apollo, filling him. Apollo gasped at the new sensation. His cock jerked and went erect again. He rocked his own hips up and down to impale himself on Kirk's erect cock

"Oh, god. Oh, god," moaned Kirk. "I'm cumming." Kirk sent his cock upwards with one last thrust as his body convulsed with orgasm. His cock shuddered and he emptied it into Apollo's ass. Spent, Kirk tried to ease his breathing as he watched Apollo masturbate himself to another orgasm.

His hand squeezed at his shaft as he milked his own cock. Kirk watched as shivers went through Apollo's body and he came. His cum gushed out of his cock, spilling over Kirk's bare chest. Apollo collapsed on top of Kirk.

Kirk waited a few minutes before rolling Apollo off of him. He reached down and pulled up his pants, tucking his deflated cock into his underwear. He wiped Apollo's cum off him on the grass before pulling his shirt back on.

Apollo looked up at him with eyes still filled with the pleasure of the sex. "As I said Kirk you are a man of many surprises," said Apollo smiling. He took a deep breath and slowly let it out.

"Yes, I am," said Kirk forlornly. He stared intently at Apollo.

Apollo stared back. "You still wish to leave." It was not a question. "I can make this a very pleasant place for you Kirk." Apollo reached out a hand to brush it against Kirk's cheek, but Kirk took a step back.

"Let us go," said Kirk quietly. "I don't want to destroy you, but, I can. I will, if I must."

"Then destroy me," challenged Apollo. He left Kirk to walk back to the stone bench to retrieve his robe. He slipped easily into it. He looked back at Kirk in anger. "You may have the courage of Hercules Kirk and you have won beauty from Aphrodite, but you have the heart of Hades."

"I don't want...it doesn't have to be this way Apollo. Release us."

"And I die Kirk. A god cannot be without worshippers. What is a god if there is no one to worship him?" Kirk didn't answer him.

Apollo's face flushed red with anger. "Go back to your shipmates Kirk. You and they will know my wrath if you fail to obey me." Apollo disappeared. Kirk took a step forward. "Apollo don't!" He yelled out. Kirk turned and ran through the olive trees back to McCoy and the others at Apollo's marble throne.

A few minutes later he was looking into McCoy's worried blue-eyes. "Jim!" He cried out. "What happened? Where have you been."

"Later Bones." His eyes found Carolyn's. Apollo was alone here. Kirk had rejected him and now Carolyn must do the same. A feeling of great remorse came over Kirk that this was how things should end for Apollo.

Apollo was one of the greatest of the Gods of Mount Olympus. Society on Earth descended from the worship of those Gods of Greece. Kirk felt only sadness for what he knew must be done.

A talk with Carolyn. Spock getting through on the communicators. A plan decided. Carolyn's rejection. Apollo's angry cry. Phaser beams striking at his temple. His throne gone. Tears streaming down Apollo's golden cheeks.

He looked at Kirk in grief and sorrow. "I would have loved you. I would have taken care of you. Did I ask for so much?"

"You asked for what we can no longer give," said Kirk quietly as he choked back his own tears.*

Apollo looked upon the sky and spread his arms. "Zeus, my father, you were right. Hera, you were wise. Our time is gone. Take me home to the stars on the wind..."*

Then there was silence. Only the wind dared whisper a mournful tune.

Apollo was gone.


* These two quotes are taken from James Blish's adaptation of "Who Mourns for Adonis". They end his story and they end mine. They are 'fair use' and no infringement is intended.

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