Teenage Meltdown
By Bluesky

Feedback to Bluesky; Series: TOS; Pairing: Kirk/Charlie Evans (X); Rating: NC-17.


Kirk looked up as the door to his room opened, suppressed, alarmed. Charlie came in, agitated. It seemed that his little talk with him about women had not helped. And given the information that Spock had just given him about his powers, he had to do something, now and fast to give them time to figure something out.

"It is just too hard!" Charlie exploded "I will never figure girls out! And they're so ... bumpy, lumpy, makes me feel so strange."

"It is OK, Charlie, why don't you just come over and sit down. We can talk, Man to Man." A fine bead of sweet shimmered on Kirk's forehead. This boy, for all of his innocence, and fumbling, had destroyed an another ship. Had killed. But he did not know what he was doing. He was raised by beings that had no form, that could not die, that did not have sex. Charlie's young body was pumping with hormones, and need, and desire for contact, for love. He was perhaps one of the most dangerous things on two feet. A hormonally charged teenager. And he had no control, no morals no conditioning about what was right or wrong in human culture. All that he knew was need, and the fact that he hurt. He could strike, and had struck out in his frustration, and hurt, killed.

Kirk had to do any thing that he could to stop that. It would not be the first time that he had put his life and but on the line. He had to keep him here, away from the rest of the crew, give Spock time to find a way to contain, or stop the young man.

Kirk lay back on his bed. "Sit down Charlie. Come and talk about it with me. It can't be all that bad. I remember when I was a boy, how frustration was my constant complain" he smiled his most winning smile, the one that had got him out of more trouble, and into more trouble than any other one. "Come here Charlie," Kirk Invited.

Charlie was standing, anger and tight fists, sexual and social frustration oozing off of him in waves. For a moment Kirk wondered if he had just signed his death warrant. But after a moment Charlie sat down on the bed, his back to Kirk.

"I just don't understand. Why don't girls like me?" He hung his head, defeated; a sob heart breaking escaped from his mouth. It touched something deep in Kirk. For a moment he forgot that this boy was a killer, that he was at risk just by being in his proximity. Once more, Kirk was that lonely boy, alone in his bedroom in Iowa, no one to take to the dance, beating off to the image of some centerfold, pretending that she was his girlfriend.

"It is OK Charlie, I understand. Girls are hard. Guys are easy to understand. We have simple wants, and needs. Girls need so much, sometimes, I wonder if it is worth the effort."

"Really?" Charlie's head came up and around, Looking at Kirk like he was being offered some sort of salvation.

"Relay." Kirk smiled. "I understand from first hand experience that women are just fickle some times. Most of the time I just leave them alone."

Charlie was a very bright boy. He had been raised by beings of pure intellect. His sudden exposure to touch, and feeling, and place had not alliterated this. He made a quantum leap at to what Kirk was getting at, and at what he was being offered.

"So would you like to be my boyfriend?" Charlie's innocence, and venerability, and need touched Kirk. "I am so lonely." Charlie turned and faced Kirk full on. "You could teach me things, you know stuff. You are a ships caption, I bet you know a lot of stuff." A smile filled the hopeful teens face.

Kirk gulped. This was not what he had had in mind, but... well. It would buy time. He drew gently the now shivering quivering boy down along side of him, and draped an arm around him.

"I like you Charlie. I want to be your friend. Your good friend." He kissed the boy's forehead. "I can show you a lot of stuff. But you have to trust me, and promise that If I do any thing that you do not like, you will tell me, and not make me or anything go away, or hurt or change any thing. Do we have a deal?"

Charlie nodded. His need was such that he would have walked out an airlock to have it filled, even for a moment. "Yes, Captain, I will do any thing you say!"

"Call me Jim. That is OK. I am just going to hold you for a bit, let you feel comfortable. That is how you start." Long moments passed as Kirk held and slowly rocked the young man, pressing moist lips from time to time to his temple and face, feeding slowly the skin hunger that was crying out for touch, for sensation.

"I want more." Suddenly Kirk found himself and Charlie naked.

"Charlie, what did I tell you about making things change?" Kirk was unsettled, trying hard to hold onto the in charge caption voice, trying to hold back the fear that rose at finding him self at the hands of the impulsive boy in his bed.

"It is OK. I just undressed us. It is over there, On the chair." And indeed the uniform was on the back of his chair.

"Hum... OK, it is just polite to ask first, and undressing can be fun."

"Next time?" A worried Charlie looked up fearfully into Kirk's face. I will get it right, I try really hard! I do anything you say!"

"OK, next time. Now I want to show you some things."

Kirk took the innocent face between his hands, and kissed him on the mouth, easing his tongue between the slack lips, the moist yielding mouth, teasing the compliant tongue into life.

Charlie was a fast learner. In seconds, it was like Kirk was kissing an airlock. It took a bit of effort to pull away, but he was in danger of losing his tonsils. "Slow down a bit. Gentle. We have a lot of time."

Charlie moaned. Needs of years of pent up passions, joyless touches void of time, finding release at last. He could not get enough.

His hungry mouth attached its self to Kirk's neck, and Kirk melted. There was simply nothing left to do but let nature take its course, and follow the lead that Charlie was setting. And hope that he lived through this. At this point, Kirk had his doubts. Charlie rolled over top of Kirk, hips riding his, rampant need rubbing on any available flesh, driven by instincts that he little understood.

Kirk did understand. Stopping him now was not a possibility, not, and live past the experience. And he was not sure that he wanted the boy to stop. This was the hottest thing that had happened to him since Spock's Ponfar. All that he could do was ride this wave of passion and raw need, and hope that it would all come out OK.

Charlie broke off the sucking of Kirk's neck. His head was tossed back, a wavering cry of... well nothing human that is for sure broke from him. The rhythm of his rocking, of his riding broke for a moment, jerking in time with his cry. And he folded, dropped onto the chest of his lover, wrapping his arms around Kirk. And fell asleep.

Oh dear. And he had not even had a chance to cum yet. Sigh. Something told him that he would get a second chance, just had to wait for it. And this did buy The Enterprise some time to find out what to do about Charlie Evans.

***The End***

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