Sweet Memories of Youth

Sweet Memories of Youth
By T'Thrill

Series: TOS

Pairing: Kirk/Finnegan

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Kirk is tormented by his long-time nemesis. Finnegan has uncovered one of Jimís secrets, and intends to use it.

Disclaimer: They all belong to Paramount. I just want to play with them for a little while. No money is exchanges, just a little fun.

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Jim was lying on the cool grass in the commons. It was one of the first chances he had had to be outside and just enjoy the day in months. Finals were over, and by tomorrow, the scores would all be posted. Good or bad, another year at the Academy was completed. It was one of those rare days in the bay area that was perfect. He propped his hand under his head and watched a lark as it swooped and circled overhead. He had a smile on his face, and was just beginning to feel the tension drain from him, when he heard a voice that cut through the peacefulness of the afternoon. "Well, well, well, Jimmy-me-boy. The postings for the Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ions final will be showing up tomorrow morning. You want to put a little wager on it?"

"Patrick, you know I hate being called Jimmy-boy, or any derivative thereof. You donít hear me calling you ĎPattie,í now do you?"

"And I better not, Jimmy. You know we upperclassmen can make things pretty hard for you plebes."

Jim drew an exasperated breath in hopes of willing the man away. "Finnegan, You are exactly five months ahead of me, and I have not been classified as a plebe in over three years."

"Oh Jimmy, in my book you will forever more be a plebe. Now come on, Iíll bet you twenty credits that I scored higher than you."

There was no one at Starfleet Academy that could get under Jim Kirkís skin quite like Patrick Finnegan. He was loud, abrasive, rude, and worst of all, usually managed to best Jim by just the slightest degree. But Jim was hoping that, this time, he had come out on top. He had the quark-gluon plasma ratios down cold. His understanding of the various stages of phase transition was unmatched. He felt certain that he would post the higher score. But twenty credits was a lot to wager. If he lost, he would be broke until the next transfer, and that was over three weeks away. "Sorry, Patrick. Iím not a betting man."

"Just afraid that youíll lose, right Jimmy? Yeah, itís probably better if you keep your money in your pocket. After all, Iíd hate to see you go without for a while. Without a blowjob, that is."

Jim sat up quickly and jerked his head toward the man standing beside him. He also looked around to make sure they were not being overheard. If Finnegan meant what he thought he meant, Jim was in a shit-load of trouble.

"Yeah, thatís right, Jimmy. Iíve heard about your little escapade at the Desert Rose Cafť. Seems to me the last I heard, that place was listed as strictly off-limits to cadets. Now, as to the details of your little visitÖ"

"Shut-up! I only went there once, and I canít afford to have the faculty find out about it! Alright! Iíll accept your bet if you will just shut-up about this."

"Oh my, seems the plebe has something he doesnít want anyone else to know. Like how he laid down eight credits and flipped out his little penis and got a blowjob right there. Didnít last too long either, from the stories I hear."

"I think that what you hear is bull-shit!"

"I think what I hear is right on, Jimmy-boy. Seems I heard that little pecker of yours shot its wad in record time."

"Look, I said I would agree to your bet, but you have to promise me that this will not go any further."

"What, Jimmy? The fact that you were there, or the fact that you have a little quick-draw pecker?" Finnegan laughed and laid down on the grass, evidently not going anywhere, soon. "Iíll tell you what Iíll do. If you scored higher than me on the exam, Iíll pay you twenty credits and never tell a soul what Iíve heard. But, if I scored higher than you, then you will pay me twenty credits AND you have to suck me off."

"Youíre out of your mind! There is no way I am going to make a bargain like that!"

"Ok, but donít blame me if this story gets around. You know cadets have been expelled for less." Finnegan got up and acted like he was going to walk away.

"Wait! Alright, Iíll agree to your terms. But if I scored higher, thatís the end of it. Agreed?"

"Agreed, Jimmy. Now, this is a bet that I can sink my teeth into. But Iím sure you understand if I tell you that I hope you wonít, sink your teeth into it, that is." He was laughing that idiotic laugh, again, as he walked away.

Jim began to mentally go over every question on the test. He could not think of any that he had missed. Then he began to worry about how Finnegan knew he had been at the Desert Rose. If he knew, then who had seen him there? If it were a fellow cadet, then they would be in as much trouble as he if the word got out. If it was an instructor, then by not reporting the infraction immediately, they had made a breech in the Code of Conduct. Either way, he couldnít see anyone confiding in Finnegan. He was known to have the biggest mouth on campus.

It was a restless night for Jim. He hated being put in this position, but he had to admit that he had contributed to this by sneaking off to that place. Crap! Of all of the foolish stunts that he had ever pulled, this one had to be one of the biggest. Sam had always told him about the Desert Rose. He said that in his Academy days, he and some friends would go this last vestige of your typical den of iniquity. Sam would tell Jim about how you could get anything you wanted there. If you just wanted to watch, well there was quite a show. Sam had said there were people fucking and sucking all over the place. Jim liked both. So, alone on his twentieth birthday, he requested a pass, donned civvies and decided to check the place out for himself.

Sam had not exaggerated. In the small, dark club, it had taken a few minutes for his eyes to adjust, but when they did, he saw things that even he had only imagined. There were males and females fucking on the tables, nude male workers bending male customers over the chairs and burying hard cocks into tight asses, females stripped and knelt before chairs where their tongues were exploring the dark, wet recesses of female customers who had their shirts pulled high and their thighs spread wide. Other customers wandered about the establishment, stopping and touching when the mood struck. The different colored bands that they wore around their arms identified the employees. They were in varied stages of dress from very seductively clad to totally nude. Jim leaned against a wall and observed all that was happening.

One female with long black hair that cascaded over her shoulders and down her back had caught Jimís eye. She was tall, curvaceous, muscular and fit, and she certainly had an air about her. She wore a black, leather and lace corset. But most spectacular, were the high-heeled, black leather boots that slid up her calves and onto her thighs like an extra layer of skin. Her skin was creamy white against the framing of the black outfit, and the long, ebony eyelashes, outlining the light color of her eyes, enhanced her exotic beauty. Her orange armband was the only object that distracted from the lovely picture. She had walked up to him and slid her hand between his thighs and caressed his aching balls through the tight, thin material of his trousers. Pushing him against the wall, she knelt before him and licked the length of his erection through the material until his fluid seeped through and wetted the spot where his cockhead lay trapped against his abdomen. In a seductively, deep voice, she had purred to him that if he wanted to feel her tongue against his bare skin, he would need to pay the rate. And, when his body could stand no more, he had laid down his eight credits and had bought himself one hell of a blowjob.

She had unfastened his trousers, pulled them to his knees, and allowed his erection to spring free. With long, lingering strokes, the warm tongue lathed his scrotum and then ran the length of his cock from root to tip. She played the ridge and head as deliciously as a virtuoso would play the most exquisite violin. Her mouth was luscious. She would bring him to the brink of explosion and then reduce him to embers as he nearly incinerated from desire. He reached for her head so he could press into her but she caught his hands and pressed his wrists to the wall, not allowing him any control. When he began to feel the room spin around him, she captured the full organ in her mouth and sucked deeply, still massaging the area beneath the sensitive ridge with the tip of her tongue. Jim felt the eruption begin deep inside and the resulting orgasm was so strong that it caused his whole body to convulse.

When he had regained his control, and pulled his britches up from around his knees, he looked around for her, but she was nowhere in sight. Knowing that he had to leave now or be late for curfew, he exited the club. Now, several nights later, lying in his bed in the dorm room, he knew that that night might have cost him his future. He rolled over and pulled the pillow over his head, trying to block out the possibilities that kept weaving through his mind.

When he did finally fall asleep, his dreams consisted of erotic images of the dark club, the brunette and some odd images of Finnegan watching them. By the time he woke up, his dick was so hard it hurt. He rose up and looked at the chrono. It was 6:15, at least another hour before the results were posted. He got up and stretched out his muscles, and, after a few minutes, had willed his cock to half-mast. He went to the computer and checked the posting board, just to make sure, but there were no results. He showered and dressed and decided to report for breakfast. If he went now, he may miss running into Finnegan, who usually ate at the second breakfast call.

He took his tray and looked around, hoping to see someone he knew to sit with. Being alone with his thoughts was not what he wanted this morning. He spotted Dave Barris, who Jim had met when he had chaired a xenoliths study group, seated with some familiar faces. He sat down with them, but could not get his mind off of Finnegan. He picked at the food, but didnít remember ever actually taking a bite. But this was not that unusual, breakfast was not Jimís favorite meal. However, every cadet was required to report in for meals unless excused by an instructor.

He spent a few minutes talking with the people at the table about course loads and study groups and exam results, but when he got his first opportunity, he made a hasty retreat. He knew the scores would be in, and considered pulling them up on his porta-com, but decided he would rather have privacy when he got the news. He raced back to the dorm and to his room. He shut the door and pressed the key to access the information. He scrolled through the results and saw P. FinneganÖ96.2. He scrolled to his name, J. KirkÖ97.3.

Yes! He had done it! He breathed a sigh of relief. Whatever Finnegan was, he was not known as one that backed out on a bet. Having to give Finnegan a blowjob was no longer an issue, but he was going to find out exactly how his nemesis had learned of the one trip Jim had made to the club. In no more than ten minutes, there was a knock at his door. Finnegan stood there, his lips pursed together, holding out a twenty-credit chip. This was not a happy cadet. Jim did not take the chip, but stepped aside and, in a sweeping motion and small bow, indicated that he wished Patrick to enter his room. Finnegan shook his head, in more defeat than defiance, and entered. Jim shut the door behind him.

"Well, Patrick, I see you are up and out early this morning. Second breakfast is not for another hour, yet."

"Stop gloating! Here is your dammed chip!"

"Not so fast. Patrick. There is something that I must know. How did you find out?"

"I canít tell you."

"Oh, but you are going to tell me before you leave here. I screwed up by going there, but there is someone that saw me there, and I have to know who that person is. I have to know if I have to wait to be nailed over this."

"I can only say that no one is going to say a word. They would be in as much trouble as you, actually a lot more."

"Not good enough. I want to know who told you this."

"Just drop it, Jim. There is nothing that I can tell you. You are safe. You have your god-dammed grade. There is nothing else that matters." Finnegan tossed the chip on the desk beside the computer and turned to walk out. As he reached for the door handle, Jim grabbed his shoulders, turned him around and pushed his back against the door. Finnegan was strong, but Jim was quite a bit larger, and much stronger, and had the advantage.

Jim could have held him in place using only his hands, but he found himself pressed full length against Finnegan. What had been frustration and anger had turned to something much more personal. He realized he liked the smell of the man up-close. He was fresh from the shower and had a faint citrus aroma about him. As determined as Jim was to get the information, the fact that he found himself pressed against the one person that had done nothing but make his life miserable for three years, was disconcerting. He felt the movement in his groin as he responded to the nearness of the man. He quickly released his hold on Finnegan and stepped away. "Get the hell out of here!" He commanded.

To stunned to make any of his normal, snide comments, Finnegan moved to the side of the door, reached for the knob and opened it, walked out and pulled it closed behind him. Jim stood in his room, taking deep breaths, and attempted to regain his sanity.

"Sweet Memories of Youth" part 2/2

All disclaimers found in part 1/2

As all cadets were doing that day, Jim spent the day packing his room, labeling those boxes that were to be shipped home and those that were to be stored until next session. He would be interning on the USS Constellation during the session break and returning to the Academy in eight weeks to enter his final year of classroom instruction. He had already been advised that if he did as well his senior year as he had done so far, he was to be fast-tracked into a leadership-training program. However, the professor that advised him of this was not authorized to do so, therefore, he could not share this information with anyone.

He fingered the credit chip, and his mind kept returning to the incident in his room that morning. Jim was no stranger to most forms of sexual contact, including a few experimentations with those of his own sex. However, to find the one being that had been a thorn in his side, arousing, was more than disturbing. On the guise of wanting to find an answer to the question that he had asked Finnegan earlier, he decided to go to the manís room. In reality, there were now two things that he needed to find out. Whether his secret visit to the club was truly protected, and if the feeling he had this morning was just a reaction to the intensity of the situation. He keyed the sleep lock on his door, so anyone that came looking for him would think him asleep and leave. Quietly, he slipped up the stairs to the floor above and tapped at Finneganís door.

Patrick opened the door and a look of surprise flashed across his face. His lips formed into a familiar pucker to say "Jimmy," but before he got the word out, Jim had pushed him into the room and closed the door.

"Now listen, Jimmy, I am getting dammed tired of you shoving me around!"

"Keep your voice low. I donít want to get a reprimand the last night of the term!" Jim ordered.

"I donít know who the hell you think you are, but if you think that you can bust in here and start ordering me around, you are seriously mistaken! Now get the hell out of here!"

"Iím not leaving here until I know who saw me there."

"Thatís really bugging you, isnít it? Well, good! I guess there are some things that you will never know."

Exasperated, Jim ran his thumb across his forehead. This was getting him nowhere. The only thing he was sure of, was whatever happened this morning, had nothing to do with the son-of-a-bitch that was standing before him tonight. Had he truly not cared about his career, he would have wiped the smirk off of that face! He knew he was not going to be able to control his temper much longer and had to get out of here. He turned to leave and, in his haste, knocked over a box that was perched precariously on top of another. He bent to pick it up and noticed that an orange strip of material had come out of the side. Before Finnegan could react, Jim pulled it from underneath the flap. He recognized it right away as a band that some of the girls at the club had worn.

"Was it you? Were you in the club that night?"

Jim saw Finneganís eyes open wide and he knew that was the answer. "So, I am not the only one that has slipped off to the Desert Rose, am I?"

"No, Jimmy," Patrickís tone was becoming even more cynical and his eyes were taking on that look of defiance, once more. "You are not the only one that has ever slipped off to the Desert Rose."

"Where were you? The place is not that big and I sure didnít see you there!"

"Oh yes you did. And just let me say, you taste pretty good for a country boy!"

"What the hell are you talking about!?"

Finnegan grabbed the edges of the lid and pulled the top open. There in the box lay a black leather corset trimmed in lace, black boots and a thick black wig.

"You mean thatÖ? You? In the black hair?!" Jim stumbled back toward the middle of the room. It was just beginning to register. He looked back toward Patrick, "YOU?!?"

Finnegan just stood there, watching and enjoying the reaction.

"WHY?!?" Jim shook his head is disbelief.

"Why do I work there? I make good money. A couple a nights a month is enough to put me through the Academy. I donít come from the rich side of town like the Kirk boys do. I have to pay my way. And, as a female, I am unrecognizable. Most people canít see past the outfit."

"But, you were beautiful! And your shape! And the lack ofÖ" Jim indicated the normal male bulge located at Finneganís groin."

"Make-up and hair, the outfit is padded is all of the right places with psudo-latex, and tape, lots of tape. But, at the end of the evening, I will find some guy thatís safe, and bombed outta his mind, and fuck his brains out."

"And the orange band? That meansÖ?"

"The obvious. Transvestite. You really should get the color code down before you go back there."

"Thanks, but I think I am finished with the Desert Rose, and I hope you are, too."

"Why should I be? It has a lot to offer."

"Patrick, if the brass ever gets wind of this, youíll be busted out of here so fast you wonít know what hit you!"

"Now we both have a secret to keep. Yours is safe, how about mine?" His tone had softened. It seemed he was having second thoughts about revealing this to Jim.

"You know Iím not going to tell anyone, but why me? Why did you come over to me that evening? It was a dammed dangerous stunt. What if I had recognized you? Thereís got to be a better way to pay for school."

"No one is going to recognize me when I am in full costume. Besides, there is no better way to get the money that I do for just a few hours work. It still leaves me with enough time to study. And, I enjoy it. And as for why you, well, I have watched you since you arrived. You rich kids with your legacies have always had this fucking air about you. Especially you! Like your shit donít stink. It was dammed irritating to begin with, but since our first year here, I have been considering how it would feel to, well, to do to you what I had the opportunity to do the other night."

"You have had a real peculiar way of showing me that you are interested. You have harassed me since I got here. But, Jesus, do you have some misconceptions! Patrick, yes, my father was George Kirk, the great and powerful, but I am not here because of him. I am here because I fought my way in with my achievements. My father made no provisions for our family before he died. My mother gave up everything to follow him around the galaxy, and when he was killed, she was left with nothing. She had to move back to the family farm, and if we hadnít had that, I donít know what would have happened. My brother, Sam, studied his ass off to get in here, the same way I was accepted. Sam has helped out when he can, and sends me some money to live on. Now that he has been assigned to the Deep Space Research staff, we have it a lot better. Before then, we were scraping."

Finnegan took a step back. His face had lost the cockiness and he spoke in a tone of friendship that Jim had never before heard. "Jim, I am sorry. I had no idea. I just always assumed that you belonged to that majority that waltzed in here on your name alone, and felt like you owned the place."

"What about your family, canít they help you out?"

"Donít have any. Both of my parents were killed when I was thirteen. I lived with a series of distant relatives until I was accepted here. But, I still didnít have grades high enough to get myself a free ride. This is the best that I have come up with."

"Iím gonna talk with Sam. He has some clout around here just because he graduated first in his class. Iíll see if he can talk to someone. Iím certain that something can be worked out."

"Jim, I enjoy working there. It gives me the release I need to take the pressure off."

Jim stepped the three paces that separated them. He brought his hand up to the side of the face that he was beginning to see as a beautiful one. He caressed his hand down the side of the cheek and then pulled them together. "I have plans for that tension to be worked out elsewhere. If your blowjobs are any indication, this next year is gonna be just fine."

Their lips met and arms wrapped around each other. The animosity that they had felt toward each other all of these years began to turn to caring, concern, even admiration for the other. Jim began to unbutton Patrickís shirt and ran his hand inside. He brushed his thumbs against nubs and began to tweak them until they tightened into tiny jewels. Jim felt the hard cock that was pressing against him and his body responded. They took turns undressing each other, until they were standing naked and aroused in the room. The reality took them by surprise, but only momentarily.

Jim led Patrick to the bed and pulled them down together. Their lips met once more and all inhibitions left. They began to grind their erections together until wet, sticky fluid coated them both. Jim rolled Patrick onto his back and tongued his way down the smooth, creamy, hairless body. There were just a few reddish-blond hairs surrounding the base of the hard shaft where hair suppressor had not been used. Jim licked the length of the hard shaft and swirled his tongue around the flared head. This man had given him the best blowjob that he had ever had, just a few nights before. And now he was going to reciprocate. He tongued the ridge and up to the smooth head and within the tiny slit. Finnegan was writhing on the bed under his administrations. He surrounded the head with his lips and slid his mouth down the organ to the root.

"Oh, God! Jim!" Patrick called.

Jim sucked deeply and every time he withdrew, he would stimulate the area under the head with the tip of his tongue. Patrick began to pump into him and, as Jim fingered the thick sack, he felt it contract in preparation for orgasm. He pulled the whole organ inside of him and felt the warm, salty, fluid as it was released into his mouth. Jim swallowed deeply and consumed the ejaculate, and when the last had been expelled, he pulled his lips away from the spent organ.

He moved up to where his mouth was just inches away from the man lying on the bed. A soft smile caressed the full lips that Jim knew he should have recognized. A smile beamed at him that melted any of the trepidation that he still held toward the man in his arms. He placed a hand on either side of the lovely face and felt the arms as they went around his neck and pull them together. Jim lost himself in the sweet mouth. He did not realize an arm had loosened from around him until he felt the hand reach between them and grasp his cock. Jim pumped into the hand until his head jerked back and he moaned as his cum splashed between them in rolling waves.

Sated, they lay together and held each other tightly. Neither wanting to let go of what they had found this evening. Jim kissed and tongued the delicate ridges within Patrickís ear and was pleased when his lover began to respond. "I am shipping out tomorrow for the Constellation. I want all I can have of you tonight. It will have to last me eight weeks until we can be together again."

"YesÖyes," Patrick moaned. "I am assigned to the USS Insignia, but I will be here when we return. Right here, in this bed, waiting on you."

Their passion carried them away once more, and before the night gave way to the light of dawn, they had pleased each other in every way imaginable. Panting and completely depleted, Jim held Patrick in these last few moments that they would have together for weeks. "Patrick?" Jim whispered.

"Humm?" Finnegan responded softly.

"Promise me one thing. That you will wear those boots again, but just for me, OK?"

Patrick snuggled himself to Jim and purred, "I promise. I will put them in storage and keep them for you alone."

Three weeks later, Jim was sleeping soundly when he was summoned to the cabin of Captain Meechum. Without a word, Captain Meechum held out an official communiquť for Jim to take. He read the following words:

On Stardate 2622.8, while engaging a renegade Klingon battle cruiser, the USS Intrepid was destroyed. There were no soulís that survived. In accordance with a, duly filed, Last Will and Testament, the estate of Cadet Patrick D. Finnegan has been assigned to Cadet James T. Kirk for settlement in any manner that Cadet Kirk sees fit. Cadet Kirk may retrieve all effects at the Starfleet Academy storage facility at his convenience. Our condolences are with you.


Starfleet Command


Thirteen years later, Jim returned to his ship after encountering a planet where any fantasy that you have, can come true. He went to his cabin and locked the door. He opened the storage locker and retrieved a small, worn, dusty box from the back corner. He gently opened it to reveal a pair of thigh-high black leather boots. Pulling out one, he heard the click of the credit chip that rested inside. He ran his hand across the leather, and a tear rolled down his cheek. "Good-bye, Patrick," He whispered.


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