Starship Star Blues
By Rae Trail

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Ladies and Gents: I intended (again) something completely different than what came out, but I thought this was kinda cute, so here it is.


"Put it *down* Jim!" McCoy threw his padd chip of 'Xeno' monthly at his commanding officer, who was one again monkeying with the lab experiment he was running. Kirk set the retort down with exaggerated care and glared at the doctor.

"You *said* it would be done in fifteen minutes!"

"Christ's knickers, that was 13 minutes ago. I don't think much of StarFleet sending out Captains who can't tell time. Mess with it much more and I won't be able to trust my results. What in hell is your hurry, anyhow? We've got all night, Jim."

Kirk paced away from the elaborate lab equipment and did a turn of the room. "It was Chekov. Again."

McCoy grimaced and stood up, stretching. "It's just a crush, Jim. It'll pass. He's an ensign, for god's sake. All ensigns have a crush on you."

"Yeah, but all ensigns don't have the opportunity to press their goddamned hard-ons against me on the turbo-lift! All the ensigns don't flaunt their..." he trailed off. "Fifteen minutes? It should be done?"

McCoy glanced up at him, amused. It's like being married to an HV star, he thought indulgently. Every man and woman on this ship would love to get into the Captain's pants. Poor Chekov didn't have a snowball's chance on Vulcan's Forge, but he just kept trying. And speaking of Vulcan's forge.... "What about Spock?"

"No glory." Kirk paced the room again and came to rest beside McCoy. "Why'd you have to remind me? Damn. Now I'm really impatient." Both men sighed, and Bones glanced down to see the tell-tale pleat in Kirk's uniform pants. His own looked much the same.

"Well, Spock just doesn't *know* he wants us, yet. He'll figure it out. If I have to feed him some kind of Vulcan aphrodisiac," McCoy vowed. Spock was the only one on the ship that they both wanted, but so far neither had gotten to first base with him. "Dammit, this thing is ruined, I *told* you not to mess with it. I have to reset the values and start again. You just earned yourself another 15 minutes, *Captain*."

Kirk flushed. "I'm sorry, Bones."

"You should be, we're both so hard it hurts." McCoy began revitalizing the ruined culture, and shoved Kirk aside. "Make it up to me."

Kirk brightened. "How?"

"Mmmmm. Go over there, lean against the wall, and give me a show."

Another of his HV star qualities, McCoy thought. James T. was an absolutely shameless exhibitionist. He grinned from ear to ear and opened the front of his pants. "You sure? I could suck you while you work."

"It'll be hard enough to concentrate as it is, Captain Flash. Just go over where you can't get in any trouble and show me your stuff. But no coming until I get there, got it? I want that for me."

Kirk grinned again and paced slowly to the wall. He set his shoulders carefully, and spread his legs, making sure that McCoy had an unobstructed view. "Okay?"

"Do it, Jim."

Kirk fell silent. He untucked his uniform shirt slowly, then crossed his arms and drew it up over his head in a smooth motion, showing his shaved chest. McCoy watched, half aroused and half amused, and continued to reset the experiment. He wanted to finish the vital work before Kirk got too far. His cock was throbbing against his pants already.

Jim dropped the shirt to the floor, and ran his hands lightly over his torso before spreading his pants open wide. He reached in with his right hand and eased his cock out, then pushed the pants down slightly and freed his scrotum.

His cock was purple and full, bobbing slightly against his belly in time with his heart. The balls, big and ripe, he cupped in his left hand and began to massage lightly. It looked great, and McCoy almost ruined the experiment again when Jim threw back his head and began to moan softly.

Slowly Jim stroked his own belly, in time with the massage of his balls, his right hand teasing his cock with the lightest brush of the knuckles on each stroke. McCoy felt himself salivating, a rough shudder running through him. He finished the reset and stood back, arms folded, to watch.

The left hand stayed low, cupping and massaging the heavy scrotum. The right hand abandoned the belly and moved to the cock.

Just thumb and forefinger. He held himself lightly, just below the head, and moved the fingers up and down in a slow, easy rhythm, matching the motion of his left hand on his balls. McCoy licked his lips and stared. "Look at yourself," he ordered, and Jim's hazel eyes flew open. He smiled at McCoy.

"Isn't one of us looking enough?"

"Look at yourself. You're beautiful."

Kirk looked down, and a drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip of his prick. He caught it in those two fingers and rubbed it over the head. His left hand abandoned their scrotum and moved up to stroke the base of his cock, hard. "Fuck," Kirk whispered. "I do this to myself when you're not around, it feels like nothing. I do it when you're watching, it's..."

"It's great," McCoy finished for him. "Spread your legs a bit wider, Jim. There, perfect." McCoy pulled the ever-ready tube of lube from his pocket and began to grease his left hand as he crossed the room to Kirk. "Let me help you with that."

"Oh, yes."

McCoy knelt and took one heavy sack in his mouth. He gripped Jim's hip with his right hand, and carefully thrust the first finger of his left deep into Jim's anus.

Jim groaned and shuddered, then began to stroke himself more seriously, his cock weeping. "Another one, Len. Give me another one."

McCoy released Kirk's balls and looked up at his face as he added a second finger to the one already working Kirk's ass. "I'm gonna love watching you do this to Spock one day, Jim-boy. And I'm gonna love watching Spock do this to you."

"And to you. Jesus, Len." Kirk was panting. "Are you gonna suck me?"

"Nope." He released Jim's hip and began to undo his own pants, moving his fingers in Jim's ass in time with the motions of Jim's hand on his cock. "I'm gonna fuck you silly, but not until I'm finished here. You're gonna come around my fingers, and I'm gonna watch," he finished, easing his cock out slightly to take the pressure off. "Harder, Jim. Faster. More friction."

McCoy increased the tempo of his forefingers in Kirk's ass, and Kirk responded with a fast-paced motion of his right hand, all fingers now in play, up and down his cock. The foreskin stretched and shrank, and Kirk threw his left hand back against the wall to support himself as McCoy's fingers found his prostrate again and again. "I'm gonna.."

"Yeah. You come, Jim. Come hard. Come now." McCoy cupped the shrunken scrotum in one hand and tickled Jim's prostrate with the other, and Jim was suddenly howling and shooting slick whiteness all over his belly and the wall behind him. McCoy felt an answering tug in his own groin, but over-rode it, reveling in the sight of Jim, weak in the knees, Jim coming with Len's hand up his ass, Jim milking his own cock dry in sickbay.

He had to help Jim slide down the wall, he's knees too weak to hold him up. Kissed him deeply and gave the shrinking cock a playful tug that made Kirk groan. "Nicely done, stud. Now, I'm gonna finish this work up. How about you do up your pants, head back to your quarters and have a shower, and meet me in bed in 15 minutes?"

"Soon as I catch my breath," Jim husked, "it's a date. You did say you'd fuck me?"

"Oh, yeah, *Captain*, I'm gonna fuck you senseless," he replied, standing up and returning to his apparatus. "Now run along and let me work."

"Aye aye, Doctor." Kirk stood up, dropped a kiss on McCoy's cheek and paced to the door, dragging his shirt on and fastening his trousers as he went. "What do you want for dinner?"

"Let's go to the mess hall. Maybe we can sit with Spock."


***The End***

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