Author: T'Lin

Series: TOS

Pairing: Kirk/Kang (K/S)

Rating: NC-17

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Summary: An addendum to the episode "Day of the Dove".

Warning: This story contains m/m sex in the form of attempted rape, among other things ... if this isn't your thing, or if you're underage, READ NO FURTHER ... this is fair warning!

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns all things TREK ... I just borrow their wonderful universe, and all the people in it, for recreational purposes. I promise to put them all away, unharmed, when I am done. No copyright infringement intended, I make no money off of this.


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Kirk was cautious as he made his way along the curving corridor ... he could see that it was much darker around the bend, but he had to get to engineering. He had a sword in hand, but he was very uncomfortable with the idea of using it. // Of course // he thought, as he recalled the sight of his wounded crewmen in sickbay, // the Klingon's had no qualms about using them //

As he turned the corner, the light flickered out ... Kirk felt strong hands grab him by the shoulders, as he was thrown against the wall ... his sword clattering to the floor. Slightly dazed by the blow, he tried to fight his way out of the iron grip, but was powerless against the Klingon who held him against the wall.

Realizing that it was pointless to try and fight his way out of this, Kirk relaxed slightly, in the hopes that the Klingon would loosen his grip, and he could get free. Just then, he heard the sound of footsteps coming down the corridor. Bracing himself for retaliation, he opened his mouth to call out for help ... but the Klingon anticipated his move, and covered his mouth with his own.

Kirk was enraged ... as the Klingon invaded his mouth with his tongue, he pulled both of Kirk's hands over his head and held them in place with one hand ... stretching him out so that his feet had little contact with the floor. Kirk was powerless ... in this position, he had absolutely no leverage to fight his adversary.

Suddenly, Kirk could feel his assailant's hand on his groin, as he whispered, "you are mine, Kirk. I will use you, as your crewman used my wife!"

// Kang! ... I have to stop him // Kirk thought desperately. Chekov had done nothing to Mara, besides kiss her ... although he probably would have if there had been more time. Regardless, Kang was convinced otherwise ... for although Mara had said that she was fine, the entities on board would not let him believe her. // Damn ... I do NOT want to be his outlet for revenge in this matter // The idea of Kang using him as he thought his wife had been used was enough to renew his struggles against the burly Klingon.

As he writhed in the iron grip, his mind was trying to focus on the situation at hand ... and how he could get himself out of this ... in one piece. He knew that the entity on board was feeding off of their emotions ... driving them to these atrocious acts of violence ... but he had been unable to convince Kang to stop the fighting.

Suddenly, Kirk went limp ... // stop fighting // he thought, // that's the only way to survive this // Kang didn't seem to notice at first that his prey was no longer fighting him ... until he heard the soft chuckle that escaped his captives lips.

Taken aback by this reaction, he stopped his awkward attempts at removing Kirk's pants while holding him in this manner, and pulled back far enough to see his face in the darkness. "I am going to fuck you ... and you LAUGH!?!?"

"Yes ... don't you see?" Kirk looked around the dark corridor, until he saw the flickering energy of the invading entity. "Look ... it is using us!"he whispered fiercely, "DON'T LET IT WIN!" as he consciously made himself relax, allowing the hate and fear to drain away from him.

Kang instantly saw how the entity seemed to weaken, and followed Kirk's lead. As he released Kirk, who collapsed at his feet, he started to laugh, himself. As the entity grew dim, Kang helped Kirk to his feet ... pulling him into a bear hug, and clapping him on the back. "Look, my friend ... the enemy is defeated!"

"Yes," Kirk replied, breathlessly ... as he felt Kang's body press against his own. Much to his dismay, he found himself extremely aroused by the situation ... and so was Kang. Suddenly lost in the moment, and forgetting the fact that Kang had just tried to rape him, he ground his cock against Kang's thigh ... and reached down to press his palm against Kang's bulge, giving the Klingon's cock a firm squeeze.

Suddenly, Kang's mouth was once again pressed against his own ... but this time, he was not fighting it. As he fumbled to unfasten the Klingon's pants and release the throbbing cock, he realized that he actually wanted this.

In minutes, both had stripped out of their uniforms and begun to explore each others body with mouth and tongue while giving each other a hand job. Kirk found the use of teeth, where *he* would have normally used lips and tongue, to be incredibly arousing ... and decided to try it out on his companion.

As he bit at Kang's nipple, he felt the massive cock in his hand respond by releasing a modest amount of pre-cum, which he spread around the head with his thumb. His own cock was also slick, and Kang stroked it expertly, as he nibbled and sucked his neck, just below his ear.

Kirk felt his body tense ... he knew it was only a matter of seconds until he lost control. He could hear Kang's breathing becoming more ragged, and knew he was also close. Wanting to see Kang as he came, Kirk opened his eyes ... and saw the entity, 5-times its original size, pulsing like a quasar, and getting faster by the second.

"Shit!" he cried out, causing Kang to loose the rhythm of his stroke, but they had already gone too far. As Kirk and Kang looked at each other, realization dawned ... and as the pulse-beat of the entity continued to increase, they neared climax ... and came, with a blinding flash of light.


"Shit!" Kirk swore, as he threw off the bed covers and made his way into the bathroom. He could see that there was light coming from Spock's room. // Good ... I'd hate to wake him, but I could really use his company tonight // he thought, as he stepped into the shower. In seconds, the door to Spock's room opened, and Spock called out, "Jim ... are you all right?"

"Yeah, Spock ... just had a dream. Care to join me?"

"Of course," he replied, as he stepped fully into the room ... completely naked. As he joined his Captain in the shower, he sensed the tension in him. Placing his hands on his shoulders, he massaged the muscles until he felt him relaxed. Moving his hands down to work on the lower back, he inquired, "may I ask ... was it the same dream?"

"With Kang ... yes." Jim let out a small gasp, as Spock worked out a tight knot of tension in his spine, then pressed back against his First Officer. It felt good to feel the heat radiating off of his body. "I don't understand it," he went on quietly, "I've had the same dream, every night, since we encountered Kang, and that damn entity ... I'm getting fucking tired of it!"

"Have you spoken to McCoy about it?" Spock asked, knowing that it would be the prudent thing to do.

"No," he said, as if deep in thought. Turning so that he could face Spock, and do a little exploring of his own, he continued, "how the hell can I talk to Bones about this?" He chuckled, as he thought about it for a moment, "I can see the conversation now ... 'hey, Bones ... you know, I've been having these dreams ... Kang was trying to rape me, and the entity was getting off on it ... but I convinced him to stop, and the entity died down ... but as we were celebrating our victory, we jerked each other off ... and the entity shot its load, blowing us all to kingdom come! ... Oh, and while I'm at it, I enjoyed it, too'." He shook his head at that, then gave Spock a slight, self-deprecating smile, and went on, "No ... I can't tell McCoy about my wet dreams about Kang ... he'd never understand."

"You may be surprised" Spock said with a slight smile, "... but I do understand. Just remember that I am always there if you need to talk about these dreams."

"Well, for tonight, I would be happy to have your arms around me ... I think we have talked enough for one night." And with that, he planted a firm kiss on his t'hy'la's lips, and shut off the shower. Stepping out, he handed a large towel to Spock, and grabbed another for himself. Drying off quickly, he grabbed clean sheets for his bed, and quickly removed the soiled linens.

Yawning, he got into bed, Spock spooned behind him ... feeling safe and warm, he quickly found himself nodding off. "Sorry Spock, I'm too tired to take advantage of your company tonight ... do you mind just holding me?"

"Of course not." Spock ran his hand up Jim's arm, drawing lazy circles with his fingertips. "Just being with you is all I ever need ... anything else is a bonus." he then kissed Jim on the back of the neck, and whispered, "good night, t'hy'la ... sweet dreams."

Spock held him close, knowing that, for the rest of this night, at least, there would be no more dreams of rape or controlling alien entities. If this was all it took to rid his love of these dreams, he was more than willing to do it every night ... as a matter of fact, he would suggest it to Jim in the morning.

And with that thought, Spock, too, fell peacefully asleep.

The End

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