Author: T'Lin

Series: pre-TOS

Pairing: Kirk/Pike

Rating: NC-17

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Summary: Christopher Pike is stepping down as Captain of the ENTERPRISE and interviewing candidates for the position.

Warning: This story contains m/m sex ... if this isn't your thing, or if you're underage, READ NO FURTHER ... this is fair warning!

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns all things TREK ... I just borrow their wonderful universe, and all the people in it, and let them have a little fun. I promise to put them all away when I am done. No copyright infringement intended, I make no money off of this.


T'Lin - 0008.27

I sat in my office, waiting for the next interview to start. I was running out of names on my list ... and so far, none of the officers who were up for the Captaincy of the ENTERPRISE were up to my standards.

This ship had a great crew, and I was damned if I would turn them over to just anyone ... the next Captain of the ENTERPRISE had to be strong enough to command this crew, without disrupting their established routines. So far, I had not found anyone who was willing to keep this crew intact ... they all wanted to bring in their own people, splitting up the established command staff that I was leaving behind.

I hoped this next candidate would be different. This would be his first command ... I could only hope that he would appreciate an established command staff, and be able to work with them. There are only two things that concern me ... his age -- he may be perceived as too young for the responsibility ... And his reputation -- it has been rumored that he has slept his way to the top.

Now, I've read his record ... it looks to me as if he earned every advancement he has gotten, and then some, but you never know ... I suppose there could be some truth to the rumors. Of course, I should be the last one to make judgements based on rumor and innuendo ... but I can't help but think that if I give him this post, it will be assumed that he slept with me to get it. Now, I don't care what people think of me ... for the most part, they're probably right ... but I don't want to add to the rumors about this young man ... it could prove disastrous for his future in the fleet.

There is one other thing that bothers me ... he has requested Gary Mitchell, his best friend, to be his First Officer. Now, he has that right ... after all, the position of First Officer is open, since Number One will be leaving with me. But I had recommended Lieutenant Commander Spock for the position ... he has been with the ship for nearly ten years, and has earned it. But of course, my hands are tied on this one ... I've done what I can to preserve the integrity of the crew, and if the brass feel that Mitchell is better suited as First Officer, there's nothing I can do about it.

As I sat there, familiarizing myself with his record, my thoughts drifted to Spock ... how he had changed in the years I have known him ... and how I was responsible for some of that change. He had left Vulcan, because he did not fit in ... in Starfleet, he could be himself, without limitations. But he lost that sense of wonder and innocence that I loved so much when he first came on board. He grew cynical ... cold ... distant ... afraid to let anyone in, for fear of being hurt once again. I never meant to be cruel to him ... but looking back, I see how I used him ... and how he let me, out of a sense of loyalty, and a need to be 'wanted'. If he does not get the promotion I recommended him for, it would appear as just one more slap in the face ... one more time I've let him down ... he deserves better than that.

The sound of the door chime interrupted my musing ... "enter", I said, as I looked to the chronometer on my desk and realized it was time for the interview. I straightened the papers I had been reading, as the young man entered.

"Commander James T. Kirk, reporting as ordered, Sir." he said, as he stood at rigid attention in front of me.

"At ease, Mr. Kirk," I said, as I stood and extended my hand. "Glad to meet you ... please, have a seat."

I noticed his firm grip as he shook my hand, and gave him a quick 'once-over'. Of course, the first thing I noticed about him was his youthful appearance ... had I not read his record, I would have sworn he was still a midshipman. But I know looks can be deceiving.

As he took a seat, I noticed something else about him ... he was absolutely gorgeous! Perhaps there was some truth to the rumors, after all ... or more likely, the rumors came about out of jealousy ... both of his qualifications, and his looks.

Suddenly, I was glad that there was a desk between us to hide my arousal ... I had no idea how I would get through this interview if there weren't.


I paced in the hallway ... I had arrived 10 minutes early, and did not want to appear too eager. So I paced ... stopping every few minutes to check my appearance in the reflective surface of the turbolift doors at the end of the hall. I wanted ... no, needed ... to make a good impression on Captain Christopher Pike. I was told that he would have the final say as to whether or not I got command of the ENTERPRISE, and I wanted that command!

I had been told by many of my colleagues that I was too young for such a prestigious position. Pike would surely choose someone with more experience to take over as the captain of the flagship of the fleet. But I was determined. I knew that I could handle such a command ... the trick would be proving it.

Of course, I've also heard the whispers. There are those who believe that if I *do* get this post, it is because I slept my way into it. I've heard similar comments every time I've gotten a promotion, since the day I entered the Academy. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some out there who even think that I got my appointment to the academy by sleeping with someone. But rumors and whispers can be ignored ... I know what I've done to get where I am, and that is all that matters.

But this time, it's different. This time, I have an interview with a superior officer -- one who holds my future in his hands -- who has a reputation for seducing junior officers. No matter what I do, if he decides to recommend me for the Captaincy of the ENTERPRISE, the assumption will be that he succeeded in seducing me.

As I straighten my uniform, and prepare to enter Captain Pike's office, I realize that it doesn't matter ... I will do what it takes to get this post. To hell with what people think of me ... I know that I am qualified for the position ... and I will prove it to all, once I have it.

I press the buzzer. //Enter// I hear through the door, as it swishes open. "Commander James T. Kirk, reporting as ordered, Sir." I say, as I stand at rigid attention in front of him.

"At ease, Mr. Kirk," he says, extending his hand. "Glad to meet you ... please, have a seat."

As I shake his hand, I see him looking me over, and I try not to fidget. There is a light in his eyes as he gives me the 'once-over' ... I can tell he is interested, and I find it highly arousing, but I cannot let his interest distract me from the task at hand.


Christopher Pike asked his questions by rote ... and was hardly aware of how the young man answered him. He had already decided the fate of James T. Kirk. It was a gut reaction -- he had learned to trust his gut reactions explicitly -- but he still had to go through the motions of the interview. His mind, however, was already onto other things ... like how to get this young man into his bed.

For proprieties sake, he would have to wait until after the announcement was made ... then, if word got out about their assignation, it would not compromise his recommendation, or Kirk's captaincy. As soon as this meeting was over, he would contact the promotion board, and make his recommendation ... by this time tomorrow, James T. Kirk would be the captain of the ENTERPRISE ... and tomorrow evening, Pike would invite him to the ENTERPRISE for a 'get acquainted' dinner and tour of the ship.

As the interview came to a conclusion, Pike stood, and came around his desk, saying, "Mr. Kirk ... thank you for your time. I will be honest with you ... I was very impressed. I have one more interview today, then I will be contacting the promotion board ... I will be in touch with you as soon as a decision is made." Shaking Kirk's hand, he used his left hand to clasp his shoulder, as he went on in a conspiratorial tone, "between you and me ... you've got the job."

Jim smiled, as he returned the handshake, "Thank you ... you won't be disappointed."

"I'll contact you as soon as the brass make their announcement ... I'd like to show you around the ship," he said, as he squeezed the shoulder under his hand, and with a wink, continued, "and introduce you to a few people."

"I'd like that very much," Jim said, acknowledging the invitation with a smile that would melt the coldest of hearts. At that moment, Pike knew that Kirk would go far ... with charm like his, nobody was safe.


The announcement was made the very next morning ... James T. Kirk had been promoted to Captain, and assigned to the USS ENTERPRISE. Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell would be joining the ENTERPRISE, but not as First Officer ... that position was given to Lieutenant Commander Spock.

Pike was pleased by this decision, and called Kirk at his apartment in San Francisco to offer his congratulations, and invite him to the ENTERPRISE for dinner. Kirk gladly accepted the invitation ... he was looking forward to thanking the Captain personally for his recommendation.


At 2000 hours, Jim Kirk beamed onto the ENTERPRISE for the first time. Although this was an unofficial visit, Pike was there to great him, along with several of his crew. "Welcome aboard, Captain," he said, as he shook Kirk's hand. "Let me introduce you to my First Officer, Number One."

"Nice to meet you, Number One," Kirk said, as he took her hand.

"Congratulations, Captain ... from what Captain Pike has told me, I believe we leave the ENTERPRISE in good hands ... I know you will do good by her."

"Thank you ... I'll do my best," he said, with a smile and a wink. Pike was surprised to see a reciprocal smile from Number One. // Oh, yeah // he thought, //... Kirk will go far, if his charm can melt her cold heart //

"Captain Kirk ... may I introduce you to Lieutenant Commander Spock, who has been an outstanding Science Officer for the past ten years ... and whom I know will make an exceptional First Officer."

Kirk notice the slight nod that Spock gave Pike, before he gave his attention to his new Captain. Raising his hand, he offered Kirk the traditional Vulcan greeting, then added, "Congratulations, Captain ... I will have the complete duty roster and work schedules ready for your inspection when you officially assume command in three days time."

Kirk attempted to return the Vulcan greeting, with minimal success // I'll have to practice that // he thought, as he forced his hand into the split fingered gesture. "Thank you, Mr. Spock ... I appreciate that." Looking the Vulcan over, trying to assess his character in a glance, Kirk smiled, as he went on, "I'm pleased to meet you, finally ... and looking forward to working with you."

Spock just nodded, and Pike moved on to introduce his Chief Engineer, Montgomery Scott. Scott looked Kirk over cautiously, then offered his hand, saying, "Nice to meet you, Captain. She's a good ship ... I hope you'll be treating her kindly."

Kirk smiled at the cautious but loving words of the engineer. "Of course, Mr. Scott ... I've always worked under the belief that if you treat a lady well, she'll be good to you in return."

"Och ... that she will," Scotty smiled suddenly, as he released Kirk's hand.

Pike smiled also ... Kirk had won over Scotty ... at least for now. Spock? Well, it was still to soon to tell, but he appeared to be on his way ... only time would tell.

"Well, Captain ... that's all the introductions for now ... we'll give you the full show in three days, when we're supposed to." Smiling, he gestured Kirk to the door of the transporter room, and said, "may I show you around a bit before we have dinner?"

"By all means ... lead the way."

Kirk followed Pike out into the corridor, and to the turbolift. Once in the privacy of the lift, Pike placed his hand on Jim's shoulder, and said, "boy ... do you know how to lay on the charm!" Seeing the slight frown on Kirk's face, he went on quickly, "Add that to your exceptional command abilities ... and I know you'll go far."

Kirk relaxed slightly, "Thank you, Sir," he said.

Before he could go any further, Pike interrupted him. "Call me Chris," he said, as he ran his hand down Jim's arm. "For tonight," he said, as he took Jim's hand in his own, "... there is no rank ..." pulled it to his lips, kissing the fingers lightly, "... there is no fleet ..." then drawing him into an embrace, "... there is no ENTERPRISE ..." and with a firm kiss, he stated, "there is only us."

Jim was breathless as he pressed his body against that of Chris Pike ... he had never given in to the temptations offered him before by his fellow officers ... but knew going into this dinner, he would give in tonight. He was glad that his initial assumption was correct ... that Chris Pike had found him appealing, and that he would not have to spend the evening trying not to show his own interest in the older man.

As the lift came to a stop, and the doors parted, they broke off the embrace. Luckily, there were no crewmembers around, as neither man was fit to be seen publicly. Chris took Jim by the hand, and led him to his quarters ... the tour would have to wait until later.


// Ah ... he is so eager // I thought, as I led Jim to my quarters. I could tell that he had been interested, but I did not know if he would give into the temptation. I was thrilled that he would. As soon as the door closed behind us, I pulled him into a fierce embrace ... I had not been this aroused by another man since Spock. // No ... I won't think of him, now. // I chided myself, as I forced my mind away from my old lover, and onto this glorious young man.

I quickly maneuvered us past the room divider, and into my sleeping alcove ... sliding my hands under his uniform top, and pulling it up over his head. I stepped back just long enough to remove my own shirt, then once again explored his well muscled chest.

He was completely hairless ... by nature, or design, I was not sure. His nipples were already hard nubs, and I bent to suckle one, then the other, as I ran my hands down his flank. He was fondling my own nipples between thumb and fingers, as he threw his head back with a moan.

As my hands moved past his waist, he thrust his hips forward. I shifted my weight slightly, so that I could grab his ass with one hand, while I sought out his cock with the other. As my hand brushed across the bulge, I felt him thrust against my hand. I did not want to rush, so I kept my touch light ... tracing the outline of his straining cock, and feeling it swell within the confines of the tight trousers.

By this time, my own slacks were excruciatingly tight, and I knew it would be pointless to wait much longer ... we would both be disgracing ourselves if we did. "Jim," I said, breathlessly, as I pulled him to me and whispered in his ear, "Fuck me! ... Now!"

He grabbed my ass in both hands, and ground our groins together ... I was nearly undone by the power of this young man, as he whispered back, "yes!" then pushed me back, to lie across the bed. I lie there, with my feet still on the floor, as he removed his pants and stood revealed to me. His cock was glorious ... long and thick, standing proud among the bed of golden hair.

I could feel my own cock stiffen within its confinement. As I moved to undo my slacks, he called out quietly, but with the voice of command, to stop. My straining cock needed release, but I obeyed. I was unused to being commanded, but decided to let him take the initiative ... at least for a while.

Kirk stood there for a moment, looking me over as if I were a specimen in a lab experiment. I followed his eyes, as they roamed up and down my body. He looked as if he were weighing his options ... or possibly familiarizing himself with unknown territory. As his eyes settled on my aching bulge, and I saw the hunger in them, I looked away ... only to see him lightly stroking his own cock.

"Please," I whispered, as I closed my eyes ... I didn't know how much more of this I could take.

Just then, I felt his hands on my waist as he skillfully slid my pants down, and left them around my ankles. I reached for him, eager to consummate this relationship, one way or another ... but once again, I was told to stop ... he would take care of me, first.

I found myself clutching the bed clothes as I writhed in unfulfilled agony ... my throbbing cock thrusting into the maddeningly feathery touch of his fingers. Suddenly, there was a new sensation, and I opened my eyes to see his tongue lightly flicking the head of my cock, as his nails carelessly raked up and down the length of the shaft.

The sight was too much ... I closed my eyes once more, as the spasms overcame me. I could feel his mouth ... his hands ... his tongue. He was devouring me, as he brought me to the edge, and beyond.

As the spasm subsides, I feel him removing my boots, then sliding my pants off the rest of the way. "Roll over," he says when he has completed undressing me. I obey him, as I hear him move away from me, then come back almost immediately with a small container of lube in his hand. "That's right ... spread your legs wide," he whispers, as he kneels on the floor between my legs.

As I feel his fingers rubbing lube around the tight opening, I find myself getting hard once again ... my cock pressed tightly against the edge of the bed ... and as he pushes his finger in, up to the first knuckle, I gasp at the pressure I feel in my cock and balls. He moves in slowly, till he finds my prostate ... he thrusts his finger against the sensitive spot, then pulls away, only to go right back again. After repeating this maneuver several times, he slides his finger almost all the way out ... then instantly slides it back in, this time with another.

Slowly ... and expertly ... he stretches me, till he has added a third finger. I am more than ready to have him enter me, and I tell him as much. I feel him moving slightly behind me ... I know he is jacking-off as his fingers probe my inner depths. Then I hear him whisper, "so ... you think you're ready for me?" I hear the smile that is in his voice, as he asks. "Tell me ... do you want it slow and long ... or hard and fast?" As he said this, he demonstrated with his fingers, leaving me breathless.

When I didn't answer right away, he removed his hand, and placed the head of his cock at the opening. I wanted him so badly that I started to thrust back, trying to impale myself on his hard shaft. "No, no, no," he said, keeping the head firmly against my ass, just barely penetrating the opening, but not allowing it to go further. "You must tell me how you want it ... slow or fast ..."

I ached for a long, slow fuck ... but I was already too far gone. Gasping, I told him to "Fuck me hard ... and fast ... and deep." Before I had finished my command, he was in me ... with his hands holding my hips, he thrust deep ... slamming into my prostate, then out almost all the way ... then back in to the hilt once more.

With only a few deep thrusts, I felt the tightening in my balls that signaled my oncoming climax, and I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I came. As I shouted out my release, I felt him stiffen, and the heat of his release filled me.

Spent, he collapsed onto the floor, and I slid down onto my knees and joined him there. Turning to lean against the side of the bed, I pulled him into my arms, and kissed him gently on the forehead. Neither of us said a word.


The next morning, I awoke in my bed ... and he was gone. I got up to take a shower, and saw a slip of paper on the bedside table. It was a note from Jim:

Dear Chris,
What happened between the two of us last night was not typical of my behavior ... contrary to popular opinion, I do not sleep my way into assignments. I wanted to tell you ... although I could not find the words last night ... that I would have slept with you, even if I had not gotten the ENTERPRISE.
Of course, command of the ENTERPRISE is an added bonus ... but I now accept this command with mixed emotions. After only one night together, I find myself wondering about the future ... and if there could have been something more between us, if only we had the time to discover it.
Five years in deep space is a long time ...


Personal Log:

I thought the ceremonies today would never end. The media certainly made a big deal out of this change of command. With all the hype over my age, I know I will be proving myself for most of this mission ... thank god we'll be out of the direct reach of the media ... at least then, I can pretend they don't exist, and just concentrate on doing my job.

I feel bad that there was not much time to spend with mom and Sam ... I'll have to make sure I see them on my next leave. Well, mom, at least ... Sam is heading back to Deneva soon, and who knows when I'll get to see him and his family again.

I suddenly know how my father must have felt every time he shipped out ... mixed feelings over a job he loved, and the family he had to leave behind in order to do it. This is not a job for someone with close personal ties ...

End Log.


Personal Log, Supplemental:

It is 0300 hours, and Chris just left my quarters. He came to tell me that there could be nothing more between us ... that I deserved better than him. That what we did the other night was very typical of him ... he was incapable of forging a permanent relationship with anyone ... "just ask Spock", he had said.

It only took me a few minutes to realize that Chris had been drinking ... and that the self-loathing and bitterness was a side effect of the booze. I disregarded most of what he was saying, as he probably wouldn't even remember it in the morning ... however, as he was leaving, he said something rather cryptic, that I cannot seem to get out of my mind. He told me that if I was looking for someone to spend my life with ... someone who could appreciate the job, and all it entailed, I had to look no further than my First Officer ... he *was* capable of so much more than he let on.

Definitely food for thought ... after all, he is a very attractive man ... in an curious sort of way.

End Log.

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