Sonnet: "Explaining The Inexplicable" (Kirk/Cyrano Jones)

By Mr. Spock

Kirk is my friend I'm not ashamed to say:
He had been "at the bottle" for a while.
Intoxication made him fit to play
With someone whom (if sober) would seem vile...
Jones is a man who's thoroughly at ease
With acts the average man would rightly shun
He'll turn a trick as quickly as a sneeze
If he is bored - for money, or for fun.
It seems he cornered James while Jim was lit
And flattered him, and said he liked to suck
And Jim, right then, did not mind that a bit
Well, that, for Jones, was most uncommon luck!
It was not Jim: it was the alcohol.
When soaked with it, why, even angels fall.

Copyright Mr. Spock 2269

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