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"Antonia? What's your interest anyway? Do you have a buyer for that kind of information? I thought not. Human sentimentality is the most expensive, the most over-indulged vice in the quadrant. Who cares who Antonia is, or more likely who she was. Long dead, if she ever lived at all. I thought you wanted to know about the Nexus. I can tell you about the Nexus. It won't do you any good though, now the Federation has the thing under wraps, thanks to Jean Luc Picard. Now there's a man who couldn't spot a retail opportunity if it reared up and bit him in the ass...

How did I hear about the Nexus? How do you think? There are two things every Ferengi is born looking for: the elixir of youth and a female you can trust with the code to your safety deposit box. I had hopes of Major Kira for a while, but I've resigned myself lately to concentrating on the elixir...

Oh, yes, there were rumours about the Nexus, and certain people brought them to my attention. I went to take a look and ended up inside. That is no place for a self-respecting Ferengi. Why? A place where an intelligent being only has to think of something and he has it? What can you sell in a place like that?

Enjoy it? You're joking, of course.

Why? Well, how can I put it. Ferengi are not... dreamers. Not visionaries. Not... well, you might say, we're realists. And the Nexus is one huge illusion. So there I was, with a few hundred thousand assorted characters who'd stumbled in by accident, who all seemed to content to lie there in a blur of fantasy, and me with nothing to sell them, not that they'd have roused themselves to make a deal if I had...

Just lying there? Well... yes, and no. Since it wasn't real, I can't tell you what they were really doing, but they weren't spending. The first thing I realised was that I'd found what I was looking for, and the second was that I had to get out of there before I lost my mind. I spent days... or maybe it was years... looking for a way out. Nothing. In the end, I stumbled across Kirk. At first, he looked just as blank as the rest of them. Faint smile, foetal position, dribbling. But he moved. Just a flicker, a twitch. I shook him awake. Or aware. I shook him aware of me, but he was still in the Nexus. He saw what he wanted, not what was there.

What do you mean, go on?

Why would I care what Kirk wanted? What *I* wanted was a way out, and from what I'd heard about Captain James T Kirk, he'd be wanting it too. I just needed to wake him up to the point where he realised that. So I did.

How? That is none of your business.

Yes, I would like another drink. A triple Pellagrian moonset. On which the mark up here is outrageous, by the way.

Thank you. Aaaah. Delicious. You really do want to know about Kirk, don't you. Well, as I said, I wasn't seeing the inside of the Nexus the way he was. It was a nightmarish void to me. Like a shopping mall in a blackout. You know, this is the best Pellagrian moonset I've tasted in a long time. What vintage?

25113? You really *do* want to know about Kirk. Okay then. He was coming round. He was talking, beginning to talk, not really making sense. I didn't know much about the guy really, except the Spock thing. It occurred to me to pretend to be Spock, but I wasn't sure it would work. I'd heard they had some kind of permanent mind meld. Probably just a rumour, the kind of story the updates like to spread, but it didn't seem worth risking. As for the rest... well, I didn't really know much else. He wasn't what I expected. He was small, for a human, and pale. With that and the dumb smile and the dribbling, I had a hard time convincing myself this really *was* James T Kirk. Then I noticed the hard on and it began to seem more likely. I *had* heard those kinds of stories about him.

Another? If you're paying.


What happened then? Well... let's move over here where it's quiet, and I'll tell you. I realised that there was something that anyone stuck in the Nexus wasn't getting, not if Kirk was a representative sample. So I... well, I decided I was prepared to give it to him in exchange for his help in getting out of there. Of course, it was still tough getting through to him, but I don't think the Nexus had as firm a grip on him as it did on the rest of them. I've never had sex with a human male before, but I applied the usual logic: identify the primary erogenous zones and pretend they're your own lobes. He began to make connections with reality again in no time. I'm not quite sure he was seeing it all the way I was, but he was certainly enjoying it. He asked me who I was, so I just told him the first human name that came to mind... I didn't see any reason to confuse him with awkward introductions. When the historians say 'Antonia' sounds like a name someone pulled out of thin air, I can't help just smiling a little, because that's exactly what I did. Is something wrong? You're looking a little white. You didn't have money on Antonia being anyone in particular, did you? I didn't even know 'Antonia' was a female name. It was the name of a trader I'd done business with before I knew anything... Anyway, to cut a long story short, he suggested that since you could have whatever you wanted while you were in the Nexus, all you had to do to get out was to want *that*. Yes, I know that sounds too simple, but you should understand that no one else was in any hurry to get out, even if they'd realised there was an out to get to, and, as you'd know if you'd ever met James T...

You have? Oh well, then you'll know that when James T Kirk wants something, he gets it, even if willpower is the only currency in his account. Once he realised that I'd only finish what I'd started if he promised to think me out of there, we struck a deal. Like I say, I'm not sure that was the way the whole thing appeared to him, but... well, here I am.

The End

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