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Black Labrador Retriever ________________________ANNIE

......................................Tennis ball retrieving nut..

__Annie passed away May 5, 2007__

Hi I'm Annie; My greatest interest, as you might guess since I am a 6 year old Black Lab is retrieving, I love to retrieve I also love to taunt My humans by playing keep away all at the same time. I just love to bring My man the tennis ball,only to say unkuhh you can't have it yet..I love to retrieve a duck dummy also, that is one of my favorite things in the whole world . I'm an excellent swimmer and being a little on the hyper side , I'm not real graceful when I enter the water, but what the hay, I have fun and My humans enjoy watching me anyway.
I would like to tell you about Tina , my cock-a-poo friend who passed away N . I always wanted to play with her but she was always so grouchy with Me . You see, she was a in house dog, and I'm not , I enjoy the out-of-doors especially now that I have a new playmate, named "Archie" ...Archie is a pest plain, pure, and simple. His real name is Mr. Archievious, a fitting name when you realize that part of the name comes from mischieveous.

Annie, framed by Archie as a puppy...

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