Angel of Chaos
Who are the Angels of Chaos?
Four beings created by the Lord of Nightmares, specifically to serve her (or keep her entertained, same difference.)  They are:
           Celes - Angel of Rain
           Zachary - Angel of Stone
           Kieran - Angel of Flame
           Kalis - Angel of Wind

This site is ran by the youngest of the four, Kalis.  The majority of what you'll find here is fanfiction for the series of Slayers.  Other random things will also pop up whenever she feels like it.
Kalis:  "Of course, I'm supposed to be chaotic."
Celes:  "But nobody is as perfect as Mother."
Zachary:  "She sure does try."
Kieran:  "Kali, you'll never be as good as Mother."
Kalis:  "Wahh, they are always picking on me."

Kalis:  Please feel free to explore this site to your content.  Also keep an eye out for the (semi)hidden link to the Realm of Chaos.  Thank you and enjoy.
There is no light without the dark;
There is no good without evil;
There is no order without...
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So it's been a while, ne.  Chapter 12 of Shadow Magic is up.  (To bad I don't write that quickly.)  Also, Ask Kali-chan! is back.  Along with an entry over a month old because I forgot to put it up.  ^_^
If you look below, you'll notice some numbers in red.  Those are one of my random ploys to get e-mail.  Every once in a while, I'll through out a number and if it happens to be your number on the guest counter, then you send me  a message and I'll give you a prize.  You don't know what the prize is until you reply.  Well, yet again, nobody replied to that and so, I'll take whoever.  Send me an e-mail, or sign the guestbook.  Tell me what your number is on the counter and you get a prize.  Do it now! Hurry!  Before somebody else takes it!  Go!
                                                                                    Kalis  1/23/05
Chapter 11 of Shadow Magic is up.  Bear with me, I'm out of time.
                                                                                    Kalis 12/8/04
Hey, I've added a new linx page.  Go there to find links to other sites.  I also have a couple of banners in case you would like to link back to me?  Maybe?  Also, do you remember way back when, when I was bugging you all about the number on the counter and I wanted someone to e-mail me.  It was originally supposed to be #1000 I think, but I kept not getting any replies.  Well, someone eventually replied to it and I just recently got their gift loaded up. 
Click here to see it. Now I may do this kind of thing at any time.  I'll just pick a random number, let out the word and wait for a response.  Keep checking back.  In fact, let's try it now.  I'm looking for # 1647.  Get that #1647.  Look at the counter.  "You may already be a winner."  If you have lucky #1647 e-mail me and let me know.  I'll try to get your prize to you as soon as possible.
                                                                                    Kalis 12/3/04
Okay, Shadow Magic is being continued, yeah!  Chapter Ten is now up for your viewing pleasure in the "Help the Minion" page.  By the way, you are contacting Sapphirefly to tell her how awesome the story is, right?  So, check it out.  Also, if you have any stories that you would like to see here, send them along.  I also accept fanart.  Speaking of which, have you noticed the site for my artwork.  Celes and Zach would like you to take a small detour over to their website to check all my lovely artwork.  That's it for now.
                                                                                    Kalis 11/30/04
Hello hello again.  Are you still checking up on my advice column Ask Kali-chan!?  At least two more weeks worth will go up and who knows, I might go on winter break.  Other than that, no new stories are up...but...I have FANART!!  Yes, my good friends Celes and Zach have gotten together and agreed to host my artwork for me.  Yeah for them!  It's still a work in progress, but hopefully it won't be too long to get a lot of pictures up.  There's some of the usual Slayers art, some OCs and a few other random things.  Go check it out.  Go now!
                                                                                     Kalis 11/23/04
Chapter Nine of Shadow Magic is up.  Maybe it's the end, maybe not.  Read it anyway.  As I have mentioned many times, Ask Kali-chan is updated on a weekly basis so I don't tell you here.  Just keep checking that page.  Speaking of which, that should get updated tomorrow.  It will always be either on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
                                                                                     Kalis 9/27/04
I haven't put anything here lately, but I have been slowly adding stuff.  There are a few more of my advice columns 'Ask Kali-chan!' and those will continue to pop up on a weekly basis, so check back.  Also I have now got Chapters 7 & 8 of Sapphirefly's Shadow Magic up.  Very good story.  Read it and let her know that.
                                                                                     Kalis 9/23/04
Chapter Six of Sapphirefly's Shadow Magic is here now.  In about a day or two will be the next Ask Kali-chan, but I'm not going to bother saying anything about it.  Those will probably come out on about a weekly basis.
                                                                                     Kalis 9/7/04
I am on a roll!  Don't worry, it won't last long.  Instead of working on my stories like I am supposed to, I've been writing my columns.  (I've also been skipping homework-- bad me!)  So, there is a new issue to Ask Kali-chan! on that page.  Also, I've finally got somebody to claim their prize, and I'll get that done as soon as I can.  Which means, bugging my dad and stalking him until he brings me the scanner. ^_^
                                                                                      Kalis 9/2/04
New update.  I've got chapter four of Sapphirefly's Shadow Magic - Zelgadis and Lina.
     Also, I still haven't gotten a reply for my gift.  At this time, the counter is up to 1524, and there still haven't been any replies.  I may not be a manga-ka, but I can still draw fairly well.  All I want is someone to e-mail me and tell me what number they were.  All you gotta do is look at the counter.
     Look now, it's right above here.  Now, e-mail me and tell me what the number is.  I mean it, do it now.  Don't go thinking someone else has already done it.  Why are you still reading; do it now!
                                                                                       Kalis 9/1/04
I have updated again.  Chapter Five, and hopefully soon Chapter Four, of Sapphirefly's Shadow Magic - Zelgadis and Lina is now up.  Yay for Sapphirefly!  She works so much quicker than I do.
     Anyway, moving on, I have also added another section.  Ask Kali-chan!  This area will house the submissions I make to the anime club I'm in.  Much funniness.
     Now, I remember asking for the 1500th person to this site to let me know (I know this because it's written right below here.)  So, since I didn't get number 1000 or 1500, I have decided to give my gift to the first person that asks me for it.  I am this (-) close to getting a scanner and I'll be able to put some art on here.  And that is the gift.  The first person to tell me what number visitor they are and ask for the gift will recieve one of my beautiful artworks to do with as whatever.  [You can even print it out and use it as a dartboard.]

Okay, it's a race.
                                                                                        Kalis 8/27/04
A new update - and it's only been a week!  Not much added.  I fixed a couple of links and added the long awaited Chapter Two of Firefly.
     Now, my counter is getting closer to #1500.  I originally wanted to do something for #1000, but nobody told me when they got to it.  So now 1500 is going to get my present.  It'll probably be a fic, I'm not sure yet.  But whenever someone reaches that number, will you please tell me?  Either e-mail or guestbook will work.

In fact.  Send e-mail's and sign the guestbook anyway.  I'm lonely.
                                                                                          Kalis 7/30/04
Okay, quick update.  I've finally added on chaps 2&3 for Sapphirefly's Shadow Magic.  And there are some more quizzes up on that page.  I'm running late, so I should get off the computer quickly.
                                                                                          Kalis 7/23/04
I really must apologize.  Sapphirefly sent me two stories over a year ago and I just today found them in my e-mail inbox.  I don't know how they have managed to hide from me for so long, but they're here now.  Check out the new page "
Help the Minion" where they are posted.  Again, very sorry.
        As for my severe lack of writing lately.  I tend to go through periods of creative hibernation during summer break.  For some reason it's easier to write when I'm putting off homework.  I'll try to whip myself into submission.  My mistress is taking a vacation herself.  Until then, ja ne.
                                                                                           Kalis 6/22/04
How's the new look.  Things were starting to get messy, so I decided I need a new look.  While I'm still working on this, it would be a good time for people to start submitting stuff.  Fics and pics are what I'm looking for.  They don't even have to be related to any of my (ongoing) contests.  Just any random Slayers fan-works.  Don't let me hog all this space to myself.
                                                                                           Kalis 4/2/04
Site is under construction!  Watch for falling chibis.  Anyway, I'm trying to get some new stuff up and I'll be playing around with formating for awhile, so please be patient.
Updates:  Two new contests.  I got rid of the Pokemon/Slayers crossover one.  That was just too evil, even for me.  I have a fic contest and a pic contest there and the other two are still open.
              One new story up.  Funny little ficlit about when Zel finally finds a cure.  I'm trying to get some new stories--or work on my old ones--but, lack of feedback = lack of motivation.
Again, bear with the construction and my few and far between updates ... PLEASE.
                                                                                            Kalis 2/5/04
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