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Puppies arrived on April 4, 2008. (Click here to see first pictures)
Sire - Ch. Koda's Kijanadume (Kija)                               Dam - CH Jumbamkasi's Indy Rani (Indy)
                    Jumbamkasi Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Welcome to the Jumbamkasi Rhodesian Ridgeback home page. We are David and Yasmin Adamson, our Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Mkasi, Kija, Nandi, Indy, Mwafu, Ani and our Jack Russell terrier, Jack.

Where does the name Jumbamkasi come from? In 1995, our first Rhodesian Ridgeback came to live with us, her name is Mkasi (or Kasi for short) and Jumbamkasi means Mkasi’s home in Swahili – one of the languages that Yasmin learned as a child in East Africa.

The purpose of this site is to introduce ourselves, our dogs and to provide a little information for those contemplating sharing their lives with one or more Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
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