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june 6/08
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Bliss on the Half-Shell

Yin whispers yang
bliss on the half-shell
pain coated rapture
joy morphing dread

To open a can
finding pearl spewing oysters
rat a tat moments
amorphous in time

my tomorrow unwraps 'i told you'
my now knows no shame
power in tenderness
appetite before the fast

Green eyes on sky

it's a long time looking
your green eyes on sky
explorin the mystery
how came we thus to this

fat words in an empty glass
coffee grinds glued like mud
what's caffeine got to do with it?

you kiss my hand
forehead stroke
you brush a hair from my cheek

what's time got to do with it?
those green eyes
fading away on a sweatshirt back

so long writing my final words
how soon a photo fades
a kiss strummed chord
plays me home

A feminine predicament

while giving birth
to sadness, fear and empathy
the female turned down a chance to prosper

she didn't sign
she didn't copyright
she didn't remember to record
or to witness

while small faces suckled at her soul
the feminine being
continued to garden her love

now, what has she got?
a small planet
with well-fed predicaments

Autumn Equinox

time of libra balance
day and night in muted agreement
shall we make a day of it?
why not, when night knows its time will come.

perfectly civilized
what was light will don dark shades
what was sultry moonstruck, will bare all in bright sunlight

perfectly natural
a quiet meeting of minds
what was freaking will be calm
what was shrieking will be rational

perfectly autumn
what was blazing hot will cool
a turn of the evening sun
and stars will light the sky in shooting arcs of triumph
  Empath Shm'empath

Hey it's hard
it's not easy this 24/7 on the job,                                         be here for you thing
I'd turn it off if I could

when empath begins to mock the needy
mimic voices and pleas
Beware.                                                                                   time has come for empath vacation

all vibrating entities best leave the building
let empath rest

Vanilla Pi

the chance of vanilla exponentially repeating itself in my head
equals the sum of pi and unlimited fantasy
divided by hours in a morning
while the sun sleeps late
nowhere to go
time on sabbatical

the scent of possibility
my mind sees upholstered comfort
oh linger in computation
may calculation never end

Ill You shun

i steal what i can not have
i covet what is clearly yours
osmosis is my friend
i live in the deep end

i swallow your air
your fine delight and beat
i borrow greedily
i swim in your ferocity

myself, a dry sponge
i drink your sweat and tears
i birth your lusty dreams
you think i'm me, but i'm you it seems

Fading Strains of Summer

if summer could speak
she'd tell us long drawn epics
with wind blown sand dunes
caravanserai cargo of ancient musk and frankincense

summer would howl in shooting star empathy
then resume her voices done in chords
of murky bass and funky tabla

summer would ponder the endless night visions
she'd trace routes of unknown galaxies
and remember with tears Atlantis and hidden truths

summer wants to speak, to regale, to hand down tales
she wants to mourn the earth's floods, from ark to rooftop
an olive leaf offered to a whirling copter

summer wants to sing as her last falling robes
come beckoning to rest
summer wants to pass on her wisdom

come gather round

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