Understanding a dream?



       In a place of perpetual midnight exist the rafters. The area around the rafters is not all water. The rafters are made up of two layers of old dead wood nailed together.  They are suspended over the water by four large pillars that jut out. If no one is to follow them down to their source, they would extend down as far as no one can swim down, and they would end just in sight but out of reach. The bottom, which could only be reached by nobody, is a mixture of sand and dirt that has settled. Every other which where there are tufts of weed that stick out of the ground about one to two feet long, and there are plenty of rocks every where--the good kind of rocks, perfect for throwing if only no one could reach them to throw them. The water is not murky, and since the dirt and sand can never be unsettled, the water is always clear. No one can see out as far as the eyes are supposed to by nature, but beyond that preset limit of visibility is nothing. The water gives an appearance like air, but only more wet. The pillars which stick out are also made of dead wood which can break at many a moment but never will.

      At the end of the rafters, no one can walk to the land in under ten steps, but if no one is to jump in the water from the end of the rafters, no one can swim for miles towards the land, and never reach it. No one would have to climb back up onto the rafters before no one could finally reach the dirt and grass again in under ten steps. The field of grass extends as far back, as far left, and as far right as can be seen by no one’s eyes in conjunction to the preset visibility limit, which is only about ten feet left or right if no one is to walk in a straight median path from the rafters towards the horizon. Once past the left or right ten foot limit, the scenery would turn to pitch black nothingness, which always leaves no one thinking of what is not there.

      The far back that can be seen drops down about twenty feet from the rafters at an almost vertical tilt. Following the same median path keeping in the rules of not being able to see past ten feet on either side, the path begins to zigzag down the bumpy partially vertical trail. This partially vertical bumpy path extends as far as no one can walk and stops as soon as no one stops walking, and once the trail stops, no one finds themselves staring into black nothingness which begins to slowly creep around no one until no one is completely engulfed by nothing.

      This is the path that she and nobody else walks or climbs--making use of a better word--everyday only backwards starting from the end of the path in order to reach the rafters. She gets down on all fours and climbs by extending first her left arm and pulling the ground towards her, and while holding the ground in place with her left foot, she then extends her right arm and pulls the ground towards her again only to hold it in place with her right foot. Then slowly, the ground folds up behind her into piles of overlapping dirt rock and grass like pulling down a crimson red rolled out carpet from a stairwell until the end of the carpet or the top of the hill is reached; in which it couldn’t be reached until the object in which to be reached, the top, is given up upon, because the last five feet would always be out of reach, and left behind would be the folds of ground from their endeavors to climb the hill. She and nobody walk toward the rafters as the folds of dirt behind them unfurl. They sit down. As she dangles her feet above the water, nobody does nothing.

“Why do we come here?” Nobody asks, ending the silence that still


“We always have.” She replies.


“I don’t know?” She sits there and thinks for a while. “Maybe It’s because we are used to coming here, or at least I might be, since you do not exist.”

“Why are you used to coming here?” Nobody asks.

“I think that it may be by habit. I‘ve always come here since as long as I can remember; so, I think that I will always be coming here.”

“Do you know who nobody is? ” No one asks.

“No.” She replied. “I have no idea.” She waited there sitting on the rafters. She let her feet dangle there above the water. She slides over to make room for someone who is not.

“May nobody sit?” No one asks.

“Sure.” She replied to nobody. She stares at no one‘s face and smiles.

“What makes you smile, and why do you let no one sit next to you?” No body asks.

“I smile for you, and I let you sit next to me because I don’t know who you are.” She replied with sincerity.

“If you do not know who nobody is, why do you let nobody sit next to you?”

“All the more reason I suppose.”

“Nobody could push you off, and you would drown.”

“No you won’t, because you do not exist; thus, you can do nothing.” She said calmly. She and nobody else stares up into the sky. She stares at the stars and aligns the constellations in her mind. She is thinking of all the star constellations that she was taught about when she was a child. She points out Orion.

“You can always see Orion, no matter what season it is.” She says to herself.

“Yes you can.“ No body replies. “Are you ready to die yet?” Nobody asks.

“No, not just yet. I think I want to sit here a little longer.” This has not been the first time that nobody has asked her this. She had been coming down to the rafters since she was a kid, and nobody had always--as far back as she can remember--came with her. As long as no one was with her, she could never be alone, and every time she snuck out to come to the rafters, no body asked her the same question.

“Are you ready to die yet?” No body asked again.

“No, not just yet.” She leans back, and nobody leans forward. With a quick and violent shove into the air, She shoves no one. Nobody falls into the water making no splash going in, and no one sinks all the way down to the bottom. No one sits there on the lake bottom picking up rocks tossing one, two and three through the dark blue water. They seem to not move. The rocks don’t suspend there not moving. No body reaches out to grab them like picking popcorn stuck in the air. Nobody sits them down where they never moved from. The girl still sits there dangling her feet off the rafters as she thinks about nothing and nobody. Suddenly, she springs to her feet as if to escape a spider or a snake, and she jumps into the water like a king fisher trying in vain to catch its prey. She swims down to nobody. Swimming down deeper and deeper. The bottom just doesn’t keep extending, but it is always not in reach. Deeper and deeper she swims. The water turns from blue to dark blue to black. She can see nobody, and as she reaches out to no one, she wakes up in her bed where she had never left.





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