NASA to get man on the moon, soon

WASHINGTON: US President George W Bush's fiscal 2006 budget has earmarked funds for developing a new space vehicle to transport humans to the moon.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) must develop technologies and perform research that will sustain human and advanced robotic explorers far from earth, said the budget papers.

Among the key systems NASA must acquire a vehicle that will transport crews in a safe and reliable manner.

The agency has identified the requirements for a Crew Exploration Vehicle to carry astronauts to the Moon. NASA plans to perform flight tests in 2008 and the first manned flight in 2014.          From left to right:  Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong,

                                                                   and that other guy nobody can remember.

The President's Budget also provided NASA with resources to continue to operate space telescopes such as Hubble, Chandra and Spitzer while planning for the next generation spacecraft. NASA plans to return humans to the moon by 2020 to learn how to live over long periods of time, it said.

Meanwhile, NASA will continue to work with other government agencies to develop nuclear technologies to provide energy sources for extended human stays on the Moon and Mars.

Equally important to NASA's technology efforts, said the budget papers, "is improving understanding of how long-duration space flight may affect human health and physiology. NASA will engage in research on the International Space Station and on earth to learn about and develop ways to improve human tolerance of the space environment."

Bush's budget allocated more funds for science and technology and doubles the Millennium Challenge account for aid to poor countries under strict supervision from USD 1.5 billion to USD three billion, the papers said.


My thoughts here…Ok. I can understand where this is going. Of course…we want to build settlements on the moon. Sure, why not? Ever since the 50s, we’ve been told bedtime stories of men on the moon (Fig 1.1) back when we used to think that the moon had a face like that fat guy off of the “Honeymooners.” Ah, yes, nostalgia…Our incessant want to explore, conquer, and kill—It’s the American way. We conquered the new world; we’ve tamed the west; we annexed parts of Mexico, and now we are setting our sights on the moon. The only down-side that I can see to any of this would be the fact that WE DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY! (Fig 1.2) What’s the size of our deficit now? We pay taxes for programs like NASA, and what do we get to show for it: a few pharmaceutical drugs that serve no real purpose, science studies to see if potatoes—supplied by 3rd graders—can grow in outer space, and plenty of moon rocks to supply your local Space and Rocket Center. Well, I suppose I should be happy about this. I mean, at least now I get to use all those real estate deeds for acres on the moon I bought for about a dollar each from that internet site. How many would that be...hmm…1, 2, 3…that would mean I would own half of the moon…? Well, never mind. Why am I complaining? I can make a huge profit off of this. I can make enough money to probably buy half of the earth, maybe that space laser I’ve always wanted but never could afford, or that moon base I’ve always dreamt about. Hmmm… (Fig 1.3) However, I would still have to wait about twenty years just for the colonies to begin establishing themselves. Until then, I guess I’ll just go into moon real estate, and I would advise everyone to buy into moon real estate now! Hurry up! Time may soon be running up.


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Figure 1.1


Figure 1.2


Figure 1.3

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