“Go ahead and complain.”

if you feel compelled to complain, go ahead, but let me warn you:





Hey dude, your complaint page sucks; it has
 no complaints - fix it.  I want to hear some
 good ol' misguided, misinformed, ignoramus
 comments on this page that allows all us non-
US people smugly shake our heads and sigh
 as we say: "Typical bloody yanks".  Without
 this kind of a page how am I to claim some
 kind of superiority over the US and proof that
 my country is better? You tell me.  As an
 Aussie, giving crap to New Zealand for 
enjoying man-sheep-love is just not cutting
 anymore.  So please, give me something to 
rival the old boys at (The Black Flag Cafe). 
Yours smugly,

Well, first off I will say that there is no way Australia is better than the US. The only things you have to be proud of are: Since you’re an island you got a lot of beaches; That Opera house—which must be forcibly shown anytime in mention; and that fence you got that supposively can be seen from space but no one’s ever proven. Prove it all ready! Ask an astronaut to take a fu*kn’ picture—oh my mistake, bloody picture. Besides all that you also got every living thing that can kill you within a ten foot radius. Even your ants—you know those little bull dog ants—will mess you up, and I’m sorry to mention it, because I know what an extreme source of pride it is, but I never really did like Crocodile Dundee. “That’s not a knife…That’s a knife.” Well here’s a gun Mutha F*ka’.  Well, thanks for writing…


Your friend from the good ol’ US of A,



If you feel like complaining, email me at: johnstuartmill_alexanderpope@yahoo.com.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


“ I love hate mail.”



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