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The Faerytale II campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons, 3rd Edition is my latest campaign world, and somewhat of an experiment for me. Although it builds upon many ideas that I have had in other campaign worlds I've developed (notably, the first Faerytale campaign setting, which I developed but never ran). Where Faerytale II excels is that the mechanics of the game are slightly tweaked to handle those ideas better.

Although it is a D&D campaign setting, Faerytale II is quite extensively modified; with all new (almost) races and classes, and a magic system that is nothing like the standard D&D Vancian magic system. My primary goal was to tweak the D&D (or d20 if you prefer) system to still allow for heroics, but to get rid of the almost comic-book like superheroes that D&D develops. Faerytale II is a little bit grim and gritty compared to standard D&D, and it is a much more low-magic type of setting. In fact, my intention is to make a setting that allows for a very modern culture of sorts to exist under pseudo-medieval, faerytale trappings. But unlike D&D, magic is not ubiquitous, either in the form of powerful spell-casters or magical items.

Player characters (PCs) will play agents of the government: reeves under the king's authority, who travel about the country investigating crimes, reports of treason, sedition or other acts that jeopardize the security of the nation. Although the PCs have a lot of leeway on where to go, how to do their job and what they will spend their time doing, from time to time their superiors have assignments that simply must be done, regardless of the PCs' priorities.

Along with the little-to-no magic items, and much reduced availability and magical power of spellcasting classes goes the following theme, which I borrowed from the Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game. This quote refers to rewards, and offers an alternative to the big level and treasure up monster that traditional D&D games often are. "After all, [this is] about heroism and epic destiny, not looting." In other words, I want a D&D-like setting, D&D rules with few modifications, but a very un-(traditional)-D&D-like theme and game.

These pages are organized so that at any point you can jump to the section you wish to see. To the left is a column of internal links, which will always have all the links to the pages in this directory. The different pages are as follows:

  • Home: This link will bring you back to this page.
  • Races: A brief description and the mechanics for the allowable PC races in this campaign. All of them are at least slightly modified from anything found in the PHB.
  • Backgrounds: Because humans are so commonplace, they get to pick a background: a regional home which allows for some customization. It almost serves as human sub-races. This idea (or something very like it) is currently being used in The Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game and Oriental Adventures.
  • Classes: The core classes available in this campaign setting. Prestige classes that are allowable to PCs may also go in this section, while Prestige classes that are inappropriate for PCs will go in the Campaign World page.
  • Skills and Feats: A list of skills and feats allowed in this game, including descriptions of new skills that are not in the PHB.
  • Descriptions: A list of descriptive terms useful for the game. In the PHB, this is concentrated mostly on Alignment and Religion. There is no alignment in this game, but details of the various cultures' religious beliefs is here.
  • Equipment: A list of allowable equipment from the PHB as well as any changes needed to that equipment to make it function properly under the slightly revised rules.
  • Magic: A detailed description of how magic differs in this world, including magical classes and a list of spells and the resource in which they are found.
  • Campaign World: A description of the campaign setting, the themes, politics, prestige classes and the like used.
  • History: A more detailed history of the campaign world and how it got to where it is today.
  • NPCs: Important NPCs (non-player characters) that the PCs will know.
  • Maps: Maps of the area where the campaign setting is taking place.
  • Contact: E-mail me.
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