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Town of Santa Barbara
Northern Coast
The Northwest Area
The Town of Furnas
Santo Antonio - NEW - July 2005
Furnas' Terra Nostra Park - NEW - July 2005
Town of Sete Cidades
Eastern Coast  - COMING SOON
Ponta Delgada - Capital City
Villa Franca; and the south coast
More Ponta Delgada - NEW - JULY 2005
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About Me - Updated July 2005
Jorge Aguiar 's Sao Miguel Island
Last updated:  July 29, 2005
  Welcome to my homepage for Sao Miguel Island in the Azores, the Portuguese island that my parents immigrated to Canada from and that I have visited many times in my lifetime. This page will feature pictures I took on my previous three visits to the island in 1993, 1997 and 2000.   During the last two visits, I brought along my mountain bike and toured as much of the island as possible using both of my uncle's houses in Ponta Delgada and Furnas and my family's house in Santa Barbara as bases.
  The island is volcanic in origin with many climbs and descents making up the roadways. Many of the roads have been newly paved in the more touristy areas but roads in far off towns are still of the bumpy type. The older areas of Ponta Delgada have cobblestone roads but I would not recommend riding in these areas because they are quite narrow and can be  congested with traffic at times.
The days are usually sunny with the odd shower passing over and temperatures ranging in the 18'c - 26'c during the summer. The people are very friendly and tourists, mainly returning immigrants and their families, can be found throughout the island.
   Although I had hoped to visit the island again this summer, It did not work out.  So I am looking forward and hoping for 2006.  After all, I'm not getting any younger and there is still so much to do and see.
Ponta Delgada, the capital city of Sao Miguel Island; The busy harbour welcomes many cargo and passenger ships..
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