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Hey Hey all, it has been awhile since I have done any house cleaning here but it is now the time for a freshing up!!!!  As of this day, 2 July 2002, Duran Duran, in its original glory, is working hard on a NEW album and hopefully some tour dates for all of us loyal and patient fans....WAY TO GO GUYS!!!!  You can go to, the official page for the latest news and there is a link to it right on the left side of this page, if you hadn't noticed...hee-hee.  Just a note to Nick fans...The Devils project with Nick and Stephen Duffy is on its way into home and hearts of all Duranies soon.  From the Video stills I saw, it looks very promising indeed, I believe 15 July 2002.  Keep the flame burning!!!  Pictures of the band as it stands are not far and few but there are not  that many new ones to offer so I will let the Duran masters take the reigns for any new snapshots of the band, you know the places to hang out.  :)  This months review is for  Duran Duran's  Manchester '89 live performance- any one who is a fan of the Big Thing album like myself  will find this disc a treat if they don't already have it.  It is probably the high point of the Electric Theatre Tour.  Awesome sound recording and very energetic.  Simon even says " it feels like we're just warming up now".  Songs like Palomino, Big Thing, I Don't Want Your Love just shine.  A really great version of A View To A Kill kicks ass as do the bands form on previous material such as Save A Prayer, Notorious, Skin Trade and other classics from the Fabulous Nite Romantics!!!!!  This album is a definate "MUST HAVE" for any good loyal Duranie.  That is it for this month.  See ya soon... and always remember to keep the SKIN TRADE alive!!!  ME
Band On Fim!!
Hi everyone, this is Shawn again!!  I have tried to update here with you (the fan) in mind.  I have added a collections and a pictures page for your pleasure.  The HOB pics are courtesy of Tina Hulen and the cool company we had for my 2 nites, HOB Chicago, and Duran Duran themselves!!  As Simon might say, WHOOSH!!  Please sign the guestbook while you are would be GREATLY appreciated!!  Duran Duran Rules The World WE live in-Thanks to all who participated in inspiriing this page!!  Hold Back The Rain...We're just getting started!!  I would also like to thank all  the Yahoo Duran Clubs I participate in!!   Peace and Love to you ALL!!  Shawn  
Tina, Joy, Heather, and Me!!  HOB Chicago 2001- Duran Duran KICKED ASS!!  The smiles give it all away. 
Warren signing my Barbarella poster after the show, HOB Chicago 2001.  Life couldn't get any better on the two nites we were there.  This is what dreams are made of...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Place where my AWESOME Duran experience happened!!!!
Tina and Joy getting a little......NICK!! 
That FATAL Kiss??  Talk about saucy-This defines it..... :)
Nite 2 of my GRAND experience!!
Joe, Wes, and Warren were kind enough to lend my Barbarella poster some extra special class with their "Duran Hancocks"!!
Warren in a GROOVE!!
Thanks to Darran's Duran Page for this cool new picture of the Fab Five together!!!! 
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