Welcome those of you that have made it this way. The name is Ryce, but people call me Insanewulf. I have been creating and designing many web sites that have been coming along wonderful. This site was put away for the many dolls I have made. Below are the links to different dolls.
Oh and please sign my guestbook so that I can go see them. If I find one of mine on your page with no link I will get even!!! Never doubt the power of psychos in this world. Especially internet ones.

How to Adopt:

1: First, choose the doll or dolls you wish to adopt and save them to your server by left clicking and selecting Save As. This should save the image to your computer.
2: Next, upload the image to your site by using File Manager or FTP. Whichever your website allows.
3: Last, Link back to me by using this link http://webspace.webring.com/people/ei/insanewulf/. That's it!

What's New:


The Boys


Wunderkins, Minis, and Silents



Groups and Couples

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Doll Links

God Bless the USA!!

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The haven of the night has opened its doors to the dark hearted who live within the moon glow. Creatures of the night lurk in the mind's shadows while slayers race out with weapons drawn. Behold, here lie the ones who wish to tell their stories and dreams...

Tina the Troubled Teen

Spit Fire

I took the red pill.

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