African Lovebird Society This is an official Lovebird Club. I belong to it and all the babies Nymph and Kairi have will be banded with an ALBS band. Many LB shows are sponsored by the ALBS.
LoveBirds Plus Aviary This is a great site with lots of informing articles. There is a great guide to Hand Feeding Day 1 babies as well as Hand Feeding in general.
Parrot Parrot Parrot Parrot is an AWESOME site filled with lots of information and has a lot of pictures of all the Peachfaced Lovebird mutations. Check this site out, it doesn't matter if you are a new parrot owner or have had parrots in the past. The information here is wonderful. Oh and the owner of the site is Vera Appleyard. She is a member of ALBS and wrote the book The Lovebird Handbook (a must have)
Dirty Bird Site is such a great website!! Please visit it! It's a spoof made off a porn site that stars Mrs and Paganini the Dutch Blue Lovebirds. It's not meant to offend and if you've got a sense of humor it's a great way to make you laugh. The site shows off the family lovebirds and raises donations to animal shelters. Please take a look!
LB_List   The LB_List is a list on yahoo with about 750 members! The people I bought Nymph and Kairi from are on this list as well as many other breeders, owners, and LB fanciers. Tons of information is traded on this list that will help just about anyone. I would recommend all the people who buy babies from me to join this list and the Lovebird Plus Aviary Discussion Board.
Lovebird Plus Aviary Discussion Board has about 900 members! It's a forum on EzBoard rather then on Yahoo. This place has different categories for people to post in and many experienced owners to lend you a hand. There's so many nice people on this board that often tight friendships are made. Please join both the LB_List and the Lovebird Plus Aviary Discussion Board for the ultimate Lovebird learning experience.
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