More Rabbits!
Here is a second page featuring many of our beautiful rabbits. :-) Again,  if you are interested in making a purchase from us, please email
The lionhead babies at 3 weeks old. Aren't they fuzzy? American Tails' Seredipity at 4 months old. (Pic taken 8/23/06)
This is Splint, an angora baby who has lost his foot. He had the terrible accident of getting tangled in the hair his mommy pulled out and the circulation to his foot was cut off. By the time I found it the next day it was too late. SOLD!
Miss Kitty's August '06 litter.
CBB's Texas, chestnut lionhead buck at 2 months old.
American Tails' Cheyenne, a little doe out of Miss Kitty's latest litter. She is our very first chestnut angora to be born here on the farm!
Netherland Dwarf baby, out of Windy Hill's Blair.
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