Rabbit Pictures
These are rabbits that we currently own or raised to sell. Please take a look and email us at americantailsfarming@yahoo.com if you are interested in anything. We are located in upstate NY. Click here to go to the next page!
A 2004 angora litter. Aren't they cute?
Miss Kitty, one of our now-full grown does, pictured at 3 months old.
A litter of Netherland Dwarfs from 2004.
2005 Angora babies...only 1 day old!
Spring 2006 litter....one buck available for sale from this litter (as of 5-25...email for details).
Jack, a 2004 English Angora buck (SOLD).
A 2004 litter of Holland Lops.
A lilac point buck, from the spring litter. (SOLD)
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