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This is an UNOFFICIAL home page of the Municipality of Bulusan, Province of Sorsogon, Philippines


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For purposes of these submission guidelines, submitted material is hereinafter also referred to as "submission", "contribution", & "material".

The word "author" refers to the original creator of a copyrighted work.

The word/phrase "this site's Webmaster", "Webmaster" refer to Abraham G. Tan.

The word/phrase "this website", "website" refer to this site, Glimpses of Bulusan. 


1. Who may submit?

2. How do I submit?

3. What submissions are welcome?

4. In what dialects/languages should my news/literary contributions be?

5. Will my submission undergo any editing process?

6. How will I know my submission's been approved?

7. Who owns the copyright?

8. Can I withhold my identity?

9. In the future, can I request the removal of my contribution/s from this website?

FAQs - Details

1. Who may submit?

Anybody may submit, so long as the submission is related to Bulusan, Sorsogon, Philippines and/or its people. 

2. How do I submit?

First, pls. refer to our contact page for the Webmaster's e-mail address.  Then, send your submission to said address & wait for a confirmation e-mail from the Webmaster.  If you don't get a confirmation e-mail within 2 weeks, this could simply mean that the Webmaster is either busy or has inadequate funds to go online & check his e-mail.  The inclusion of such material will also depend on the same factors.  

3. What submissions are welcome?

We welcome ORIGINAL news, picture, and literary contributions for the News, Gallery, & Literature sections; as well as organizational activities & details for our Government & Community pages.  

Note: This is an all-age group site.  As such, we do not welcome any adult-oriented contribution/s. 

4. In what dialect/s/language/s should my contribution/s be?

We encourage materials in English but also accept Bicol and Filipino (Tagalog) versions. 

5. Will my submission undergo any editing process?

Yes, but only if the Webmaster finds it necessary to do so.  We may also adjust the sizes of picture contributions for the Gallery section to create thumbnails. 

6. How will I know my submission's been approved?

You will receive an e-mail from the Webmaster informing you of such.

7. Who owns the copyright?

As a rule, contributions become properties of this website but you as the "author" of such contribution/s is the sole owner of the copyright.  As a copyright owner, you have the exclusive right to make a collection of your work -- as in a book.  The Webmaster has no hold over such action.      

8. Can I withhold my identity?

Yes, you can.  This should be expressed in an e-mail to be sent by you to  the Webmaster. 

9. In the future, can I request the removal of my contribution/s from this website?

We're sorry but you cannot.   For details, pls. see our FINAL PROVISIONS below.  


By submitting your contribution/s to the News/Gallery/Literature/Government/Community sections of this website, you agree to the following:

1. That such contribution is your original work;

2. That you guarantee to the originality of that work, and that you free this site's Webmaster from any legal issue/s that may arise from the inclusion of such material in this website;

3. That you give a limited right for the Webmaster to publish such material in this website only, and that you understand that the Webmaster cannot in any other way use such material for any other purpose/s other than the one  mentioned beforehand -- without your express consent, and that you may, as the copyright owner of such work, publish such in any other form without the Webmaster's permission;

4. That for and in consideration of the many website content & structural adjustments that may be involved in compliance with future requests for removal of said uploaded submitted material, you hereby waive your copyright of preventing the display of said material in this website;

5. That upon first upload, such material shall remain with this website as long as it exists, and that upon said upload, such material can no longer be deleted even by the Webmaster himself, except in the circumstance stated in item no. 6 below;

6. That only a justified prior claim to the copyright of such material presented by any third party can prevent the display/inclusion of the same in this website;

7. That you have read, understood, and agree to all that is written in these submission guidelines.


January 18, 2002. Manila, Philippines

Edited July 20, 2003. Manila, Philippines


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