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Land Area: 9, 630 hectares

Population: 20,469 (as of May 5, 2000) 

Location: 643 kms from Manila, 43 kms from the provincial capital -- the component City of Sorsogon.

Year Erected as a Parroquia (Parish): 1630 

Year Founded as a Pueblo Civil (Town/Municipality): 1631 

Major Dialects/Languages Spoken and/or Understood by Buluseños: Bicol (Standard & Bulusan variant), Waray, Filipino (Tagalog), English


The name Bulusan is actually a Bicol term meaning "where the waters flow".


Bulusan is bounded on the north by the Municipality of Barcelona, on the west by the active Bulusan Volcano and the Municipality of Irosin, on the south by the Municipality of Sta. Magdalena, and on the east by the Embocadero (San Bernardino Strait) which opens to the vast Pacific Ocean.  Being situated as such, the town enjoys the pristine beauty of nature with its mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, falls, springs, and white-sand beaches.  However, being near the Pacific also poses major economic problems.  Frequent typhoons usually originating from the open east seas use Bulusan and the entire Bicol Region as one of its highways, leaving the crops and poorly-built houses damaged.


 Bulusan, the Bicol Region, and some Visayan islands 

 Bulusan & the Province of Sorsogon 

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Legaspi - Bulusan  Bulusan Proper/Poblacion  Bulusan Proper - San Roque


According to some history books, Bulusan was founded as a pueblo civil in 1631, a year after it became a parroquia.  In 1757, it was one of the eight (8) surviving towns of Albay.  A gobernadorcillo/capitan municipal administered the town.  However, there are no records available of the town's executive before 1758.  When the Province of Sorsogon was established on October 17, 1894, Bulusan was ceded to it from Albay.  


At present, Bulusan belongs to the second congressional district of Sorsogon Province, together with Prieto Diaz, Gubat, Barcelona, Irosin, Sta. Magdalena, Juban, Bulan, and Matnog.  Classified as a "5th Class partially urban" municipality (as of March 2001) by the National Statistics Coordinating Board, Bulusan is  one of the province's so-called "sleepy towns".   Nevertheless, its people are doing their best to improve the town's low profile by working hand in hand in the development of both the agricultural and tourism sectors.  To further boost the town's potentials, it had also been declared an  Ecological Tourist Zone, thanks to a law passed in the 1990s.  Bulusan was also  the "cleanest & greenest local government unit of the Philippines, category A, for CY 1997, in the province of Sorsogon".

Tasked with the duty of serving the people, the municipal government is headed by the Mayor together with the Sangguniang Bayan (Municipal Council) members composed of the Vice-Mayor, eight (8) elected municipal councilors, the ABC (Association of Barangay Captains) President, & the SK (Sangguniang Kabataan) President.

Bulusan's agricultural, residential, and forest lands are subdivided into 24 barangays and several sitios.  These include the following: Central, Looban, Poctol, Madlawon, Sapngan, Dapdap, Sabang, Mabuhay, Parola, San Rafael (Licod), Lubas, San Bernardo (Dinoronan), Tinampo, Cogon, Lalud, San Antonio (Balete), Salvacion, San Roque, Catorse Puno, Layô, San Francisco (Capangihan), San Jose (Lower), San Jose (Upper), Dancalan, Tawog, Porog, San Isidro, Capiricohan, Buhang, Santa Barbara (Odiquin), and San Ramon (Bagacay).

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