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Caution: These are but glimpses of Bulusan.  While we did our best to make this section as enjoyable and satisfying to you as possible, we may not be able to quench your curiosity and/or thirst for Bulusan.  For more, why not experience the real thing?  Plan that homecoming now, or make that special note on your itinerary.  Enjoy!

Click here for Album 1

Album 1: Original Collection

This includes all eight (8) original pictures featured in the 1st Edition of this home page.

Click HERE for Album 2

Album 2: Visit of the Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Peñafrancia to Bulusan (April 10-11, 2000)


A  pictorial diary of what transpired during the said pilgrimage. Includes fun & trivial behind-the-scenes  notes.

Click HERE for Album 3

Album 3: Holy Week 1999 (Selected Days: March 31-April 4, 1999) 

Features the different Lenten images of saints (pasos), and  more.

Click HERE for Album 4

Album 4: Bulusan Town Fiesta 2000 (July 24-25, 2000) 

See what it's like to celebrate fiesta with us!

Click HERE for Album 5

Album 5: Good Friday 2001 (April 13, 2001)

Four (4) pictures to give you another  look at the way we observe Good Friday.

Click HERE for Album 6

Album 6: Semestral Break 2001 (November 3, 2001)

After the heavy rains of the previous day, the Webmaster was finally able to go out and explore some sides of the town.

Click HERE for Album 7

Album 7: Pista sa Maynila 2003 (July 13, 2003)

A very special guest graced our celebration.  Click on the picture to the right to find out for yourself.


Do you have any Bulusan-related pictures?  Would you like to share them with the rest of our visitors? Well, now is your chance!  Have them scanned & then send them to the Webmaster for inclusion.  Images from digital cameras are also welcome, just make sure they are of optimized JPEG format.

Note: Before submission, pls. read the entire Submission Guidelines

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