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"'Tis better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness."

I am using the candle of the Web to shead some light on my little corner of the world.
You will find many of my interests here, including some of my own short stories and poetry.  There will also
be links to other pages that you might like if you find you share my interests.  Please drop me an E-mail at the above address.
Also, you can find the Sleepy Hollow guest register below.   Feel free to sign in and add any comments. 

 BattleTech  Pages and Links 
                               Headless Horsman's Hanger  -  Home and History of the Altairian Battle Group and Clan Moon Raker Battlemechs
Slayer's BattleTech Page  -  One of the original BattleTech sites on the Web
Lords of the Battlefield - Almost every aspect of BattleTech is covered
We Play Battletech - Fan Site with emphasis on actual games
The Mech Depot - Your one-stop shop for new and used warriors!!
Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Clan? -  Sleepy Hollow Halloween Spoof
The Horseman in the Hollow -  Halloween Offering from Phantom Blue

Original Poetry      
                               Jews -  Dedicated to the memory of millions.  May we never forget.
Night Games -  Just my way of saying, "BOOO".
Flat Land Voices -  "I do believe!  I do, I do, I do believe."  The Cowardly Lion.

"Scouting" Around-  
                                Cub Master's Lament -  For anyone who ever faced . . . The Wall.
The Eagle and I -  An Eagle ceremony poem.
I Watched an Eagle -  An Eagle ceremony poem.
An Eagle on My Back -  An Eagle ceremony poem.
No Eagle Here -  An Eagle ceremony poem.
My Eagle -  An Eagle ceremony poem.
Eagle on High -  An Eagle ceremony poem.
The Law of Life -  An Order of the Arrow ceremony poem.
You might be taking your Scouting to seriously if:  -  Scouting humor

Things From the Belfry
                               A Little Mixed Up -  For the "over 30" crowd.
Eddie's Birthday Lament - The Headless Horseman strikes again.
Two Digits for a Date -  Putting the "Year 2000 Bug" in perspective.

Other Sites  
                               390th Bombardment Group -  Memorial Museum for the men and aircraft of the 390th

The Guest Register
                               Guest Register Sign In  -  Record your visit to the Hollow
View the New Guestbook - See who else has been a recent "guest" at the Hollow
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