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A Feudal Fairy Tale


A Feudal Fairy Tale (AFFT) is a dream on Furcadia based on the popular Anime Inuyasha. Furcadia is a free program that allows people to walk and speak in the computer world as the character they design.

(AFFT) takes the furcadia program and adds custom characters, ports, and Avatars to stimulate the most detailed possible world of feudal Japan. 20 Avatars and ports.

Dream is often loaded under bird bath.
(AFFT) Can be found in Furcadia by entering the (Acro) channel. We have begun the charter process.

Kirara in middle with fire effect. The Furcadia power of Phoenix


The Bot Hanyou Angel
Furcadia! Furcadia!


If you have any sugestions or compliments, post them on the guest book. Due to the amound of e-mails that are sent, only e-mail us with membership request or complaints about people breaking the rules.

We do not interfere in fights unless sexual acts are used or stalking. We do not settle OC fights brought in the dream. Keep them out.

Do not e-mail us about things you want changed, or that you think should be done different. Post these on the guest book.

Contact HanyouAngel

(c)A Feudal Fairy Tale is the Sole creation of HanyouAngel. She had help with the dragonspeak from Leo Winters and Blade Leonheart. All Ports, avatars, and patches were also made by Hanyou Angel. (c)

Web Master: Jason Hofmeier


Othar steps down. Othar is just a normal member now.

Every Friday is party day. All hidden avatars are active.

Dante Skylar is the new Assistant Vice Presidnet.

The role play page is still empty. The dream is only fun with players support. Contact Othar with any scheduled rp or fights.



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