Welcome from Mr. Larry Johnson, Georgia Caller's Association President
On behalf of the Georgia Caller's Association Executive Board of Directors, I would like to welcome you to our home in Square Dancing Cyberspace.  The Georgia Caller's Association is dedicated to the promotion of Western Square Dancing in the State of Georgia.

Presidential Point

As 2001 begins, we have a heavy load to carry to keep our activity of square dancing alive. I am convinced, we have true leaders in the activity, who are determined to do whatever is reasonably necessary to win this battle. The Georgia Callers Association is dedicated to working, improving, and helping the activity of Western Style Square dancing fluorish.

During the coming year we are planning many activities to improve the knowledge of square dance callers and promote and enhance dancing in the state of Georgia. We are sponsoring Jon Jones, a Callerlab accredited Caller Coach and Teacher for a Callers Clinic and dance on May 5th. We continue with the Fall Bawl in September. All the proceeds from the Fall Bawl go to promote square dancing. Each GCA meeting will include educational sessions designed to help improve our calling abilities.

We are excited about our newer members and the enthusiasm they bring to GCA. Some callers in GCA have 20-30-40- years of experience, we are proud to have them and can all learn from their expertise. We invite anyone to attend our meetings to see the wheels in motion.

As the year progresses we will share with you some of the aspects of calling on this site.

If you are not a member of GCA, we encourage you to check us out. I think you will like what you see and hear.

May God smile on you and yours, and our cherished activity.

Larry Johnson

Larry Sandefur, Secretary, GCA at icall5@mindspring.com
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