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This list last updated Friday, June 26, 1998

This list is maintained to provide a list of Georgia State Square Dance Contacts so that Square Dancing information for the State of Georgia may be easily accessible throughout the state. Please use this list for your personal use oonly.

GSSDA Board Members

Ray & Janice Layson(GSSDA President)

Carlton & Martha Moncus (GSSDA Board)

Guy & Barbara Morris (GSSDA Board, Levis N' Lace)

GSSDA Member Clubs

Callers and Cuers

Derrell & Renee Brooks (Caller, Dudes N Darlins - Alpharetta)

Dudes N Darlins Web Site -

Jim Bush (Caller)

Art & Sharon Croft (Caller, Castle Squares)

Rhett & Shirley Glover (Caller - Monticello, GA)

David & Ellie Griffin (Caller - Skirts & Flirts, Grand Squares, GCA Treasurer)

Jerry Gulledge (Caller - West Columbia, SC) -

Bobby & Carole Hollis (Caller - Twin Bridge Twirlers)

Richard & Gina Howell (Caller)

Personal Website

George & Mary Lavender (Caller, Alabama)

Tim & Kay Marriner (Caller)

Bill & Carolyn McVey (Caller)

Larry & Dot Sandefur (Caller - Byron Bunch, Solo Squares, GCA Secretary)

Bob & Marie Shiver (Caller SonShine Squares, Warner Robins)

Personal Website

Jim & Fran Soos (Cuers)

Del Wimberly (Caller)

Carlene Bohannon (Cuers)

Jim & Linda Farley (Cuers)

Bob & Sandra Hange (Cuers)

Mike & Mary Michel (Cuers - Dixie Yellow Rockers, Royston; Classic City Squares, Athens; Dancers - Oconee Whirlers, Watkinsville)

Harold Shonk (Caller, Augusta) HSCALLER@AOL.COM

Dancers and Clubs

Andy & Kim Adsit (Dancers - Co-Presidents SonShine Squares, Warner Robins, GA

SonShine Squares Website

Morgan & Jewel Allen (Dancers - CSRA Federation)

Bob & Shirley Black (Dancers, Bartow Belles & Beaus - Cartersville)

John & Maria Bodenhamer (Dancers - SonShine Squares, Warner Robins, GA)

Bill & Joan Brewster (Dancers/Pres. Robins Ramblers)

Joshua & Linda Chadwick (Dancers, Byron Bunch, Fort Valley, GA)

Eddie & Kathy Coffee (Dancers - Co-Vice-Presidents - Byron Bunch, Kathleen, GA)

Jim and Hilda Dutrow

Jim & Linda Farley (Dancers)

David & Peggy Garrett (Dancer, Star Twirlers - Ringgold, Bookings and Rental Director, Allemande Hall, Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Richard Gerfen (Dancer - Albany, former Pres. GSSDA)

Jim & Dee Harden (Dancers - Co-Vice-Presidents - Byron Bunch, Byron, GA)

Tina Harris (Dancer, President - Tennessee State Association of Square & Round Dance Clubs, Treasurer - Allemande Hall)

Eddie & Cathy Coffee(Dancers - Co-Presidents-Byron Bunch, Byron, GA)

Byron Bunch Website

Tom & Pat Lawrence (Dancers Quad City Dancers - Albany)

John & Carol Lilly (Dancers, Masters City Square Dance Club, Martinez, GA)

Mike McDonald (Dancer - Toccoa)

Leon & Judy McLamb (Dancers, Richmond Reelers, Augusta)

Darby & Kathy Morgan (Dancers, Byron Bunch - Sec/Treasurer, Byron, GA)

Don & Marie Rogers (Dancers - CSRA Federation)

Steve & Ellie Saunders (Dancers - Ringgold)

Bill Shoemaker (Dancer, Alpharetta Area, Various Clubs)

Larry & Carol Tapp (Dancer, Y-Knot Square Dance Club, Marietta, GA) or

Tim & Rosemary Torongeau (Dancers - Albany)

Chris & Lynn Townley (Sec. Lake Shore Squares)

Lake Shore Squares

Carmen Woodleif (Dancer, Masters City Squares)

Y-knot square Dance club of Marietta

Y-Knot Squares Website

Mel Willett (Dancer, Tennessee - Allemande Hall Info)

Randy Boyd (Editor, Bow & Swing - Florida)

Dave Savoie (East Tenn. Council Sq. & Rnd. Dance Clubs, Claxton County Squares, Claxton, Tennessee)

William (Bill)Claytor (Virginia)

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