I've heard about some kind of RPG...

Oh you have, have you? Well okay I guess the secret is out. Yes, there is an RPG called "Tec 512." You might say that the books were based off it. Or you might say it was based off the books. But if you said that you'd be wrong as the books aren't even finished yet. It's true, the first few drafts and short stories were written based straight off the game. But we've left that idea for a more interest-provoking storyline. If you would like to play, there are two ways of doing it. There's the old way, and the new way.

The old way requires Microsoft Word...98 I think. Maybe 2000. The page margins are set at .25" all around. The character sheet is four pages long, or more if you have a lot of spells. The instructions are on the sheets. If you need help reading the keys (which most people do) you can email me at gryphmage@hotmail.com. I'd be more than happy to explain them to you. Also included is a set of brief rules, laws and settings to get you started. I'm also throwing in a pricelist. You might need a calculator.

Old Sheets
Requires MS Word 2000

Requires MS Word 2000

The new way requires Adobe Page Builder 6.5 or higher and WinZip. The margins are set at .25" all around. The character sheet is only two pages and is more unique than the old way that was clearly based off the Whitewolf system. You can print it on both sides of one page and make the sheet only one page. You will also need another sheet to put your spells on. I reccommend using page four of the old sheets to do this. Keys again are on the sheets. For explainations contact me at gryphmage@hotmail.com. The above rules file works with the new system as well. They haven't changed.

New Sheets
Requires Adobe Page Builder 6.5


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