Ramatra, 512AC. Fifth Dimension.

Ramatra is a planet slightly larger than earth. It has similar day, season and year lengths. Most of its population, however, is concentrated in Naote Kent, the capital city of the Shangwyn Empire.

Naote Kent is 5,000 miles across in a perfect circle. Building altitudes rise as high as five miles toward the center.

At the very center of the city is the Eros Jag Stratotower. This massive skyscraper's foundation stretches 75 miles across the ground. The tower rises 250 miles into the air, and is reinforced to extend through the atmosphere. Highways run vertical up and down the sides and vehicles rush about their everyday duties at 300 miles per hour.

The Shangwyn palace, Aerymantra, is at the pinnacle of the Stratotower. It is all white aside from the lush green of it's hanging gardens and the occasional sparkle of rich blue from an ornate waterfall. The palace is encased in it's own microflux shield and is powered by it's own pair of fusion reactors.

The city's spaceport is above the atmosphere. Ships do not land on the surface as in days of old. They dock and sell, both above the atmosphere. Goods are then shiped down to the surface via vertifreight, huge diesel engines that act as service elevators down the tower.

The population of Naote Kent is roughly 500-billion creatures, plus the robotic populous.

The Shangwyn dynasty has been in power since 120AC when Osiris Shangwyn was appointed king by Eros Jag. He still rules today.

The Shangwyns are gryphons. Gryphons have an average life span of 560 years or so thanks to modern science and magic.

The population of Ramatra is mainly comprised of gryphons and draconians, though all races are welcome there. Anyone of any race can attain any office or occupation, assuming they are qualified.

Naote Kent is surrounded by open farmland known as the Gridlands (called this for their appearance from space). If you do not live in the city, you are most likely a merchant or a farmer, helping to provide for the massive megatropolis. Farmers tend to become very wealthy as they can set their own prices.

Jag Cryodine Labs (JCDL) is the main research company on Ramatra. It was founded in 110BC by Janus Weir, a brilliant draconian scientist. It's current lead scientist, Archaius Rex is also draconian. Many people in the city do not trust him because of his questionable experiments in cybergenetics and cross-breeding. He is also rumored to have Trinity ties. Though I know this to be factual, no one would believe me...and no one else can proove it.

Naote Kent is also known for its infamous underground. The Trinity Sect is the underground crime syndicate that would control the city were it not for the Shangwyns' "Cleansing Operations." They run the black market, the space pirating and the forbidden arts of Chaos and Time magic.

Here are some maps for the informational-minded:

Ramatra and its surrounding moons.

Ramatra: major cities and land masses.

The Eros Jag Stratotower and its sections. From bottom to top: active commerce, city-based residential, active residential, interplanetary commerce, inport customs, interplanetary residential, embassies, military, industrial reinforcement (atmospheric levels), large and small craft spaceports, wealthy district, royal district, Cryodine Labs and Aerymantra.

Naote Kent and its 125 districts or "vectors." These are the district names:

1. Shangwyn: Obviously named after the Shangwyn family, Naote Kent's first dynasty. Adjacent to Highway 1.
2. Rav: One of the inner-ring vectors consisting of immense arcologies and huge skyscrapers.
3. Loso: First distrct with a subterranean seaport.
4. Strat: One of four inner-ring vectors with a subterranean seaport.
5. Port Strat: The inner-ring's most important seaport. Adjacent to Highway 2. It is busy every second of the year.
6. Port Credo: The busiest district of the Naote Kent. Also adjacent to Highway 2.
7. Platinus: The only mining district in the inner-ring. Named for it's rich platinum mines.
8. Spar: Shares Platinus' mines and is almost as wealthy.
9. Argon: A lab district dedicated to self-planetary enhancements.
10. Verio: This district is another lab vector dedicated to alternative power research. Also provides most of the power to Naote Kent. Adjacent to Highway 3.
11. Ingendi: The official vector for the order of Fire. Adjacent to Highway 3.
12. Hydrolus: The official vector for the order of Water.
13. Kandaer: The utmost magical district in the city where the adepts and archmagi live.
14. Obsidian: The official vector for the order of Earth.
15. Cirrus:The official vector for the order of Air. Adjacent to Highway 4.
16. Amphetron: One of the wealthiest districts in Naote Kent. Adjacent to Highway 4.
17. Riffin: A vector dedicated to the wealthiest of gryphons and Ramatra natives.
18. Talon: A retirement district for military and government workers.
19. Aurinona: A retirement district for mages.
20. Cosmoto: The tourist center. Adjacent to Highway 5.
21. Archaia: The vector owned exclusively by the Archaia Corp. Adjacent to Highway 5.
22. Cryodine: The vector owned exclusively by Cryodine Labs.
23. Aeliac: The most pollutant vector of the inner-ring. The diamond district.
24. Eros: Named for the esteemed ruler and creator of the Stratotower. A historic district.
25. Tec: The vector owned exclusively by Tec Industries. The most state-of-the-art concentration in Naote Kent and perhaps the universe. Adjacent to Highway 1.

26. Kent: The historic district featuring the original city of Kent. Tourist trap. Adjacent to Highway 1.
27. Jag: The port vector with an abundance of rich jag mines. Most jag-lords live here.
28. Corwyn: A military port vector. Closest military port installment to the Stratotower.
29. Aqui: First district to be completely suspended above water. Major fishing enterprises exsist here.
30. Icthi: The most wealthy inner-city fishing district. Set in the middle of Shado Bay and adjacent to Highway 2.
31. Chidynyo: An above-water lab vector dedicated to stability research and tidal manipulation. Adjacent to Highway 2.
32. Riven: The transit vector. Contains perminent gates to other parts of Ramatra and its moons. The most unstable and controversial vector in Naote Kent.
33. Hattahn: The most densely-populated vector in the second ring. A big commerce district.
34. Gorell: Similar to Earth's Wall Street.
35. Merari: A vector of privately-owned corporate towers and personal residences. Adjacent to Highway 3.
36. Necronomicron: The official vector for the order of Death. Adjacent to Highway 3.
37. Jagrandon: The official vector for the order of Life.
38. Vijin: A vector dedicated to healers and visionaries. The finest hospitals and schools in Naote Kent and the galaxy are here.
39. Gemini: The official vector for the order of Body.
40. Psyonis: The official vector for the order of Mind. Adjacent to Highway 4.
41. Horus: A vector full of religious fanatics and temples. Another tourist trap. Adjacent to Highway 4.
42. Plyta: The largest military airfield on Ramatra. Also Naote Kent's interplanetary spaceport is here.
43. Seffon: A vector for small-business owners to set up shop. Fortunes are made in a day here.
44. Xen: Industrial tycoons and CEOs live and retire here.
45. Maxen: Full of rich racing-enthusiasts and car-lovers. Street racing is very common here. Adjacent to Highway 5.
46. Isis: The home of the FESALAAM, the Female Equal Species and Lab and Ability Movement. Big time female populace saturation.
47. Hyaku: The primary car manufacturing vector.
48. Sayara: The vector owned exclusively by the Sayara Corp. The largest exclusively-electronics producing vector.
49. Jordon: The primary clothing manufacturing vector.
50. Ross: The primary vector for aeronautics and cryo design. Adjacent to Highway 1.

51. Newarc
52. Arcen
53. Shad
54. Ten
55. Haik
56. Forsyte
57. Endor
58. Skrymir
59. Gaea
60. Hyoko
61. Ether
62. Gwyragon
63. Kunga
64. Starhead
65. Kyorune
66. Neutyn
67. Aswan
68. Angel Lake
69. Starlight
70. Hyland
71. Lars
72. Realite
73. Tox
74. Industria
75. Core

76. Taekan
77. Softwin
78. Jyiis
79. Caralyn
80. Moriar
81. Ayrn
82. Drac
83. Vect
84. Endine
85. Shaddarath
86. Gavin
87. Fareme
88. Steltec
89. Tyrell
90. Ran
91. Featherstorm
92. Angel
93. Windstar
94. Stormwind
95. Kyotal
96. Teft
97. Iophase
98. Cryst
99. Coal
100. Hesswell

101. Cryice
102. Seti
103. Exen
104. Crescendo
105. Tsucane
106. Geffen
107. Gibralac
108. Rush
109. Sol
110. Rayal
111. Envijin
112. Eclydic
113. Massen
114. Jet
115. Raya
116. Syashi
117. Goldenlight
118. Flightmore
119. Gaza
120. Aurora
121. Triax
122. Gate
123. New Port
124. Ferus
125. Nortemplo


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