Who am I?

I am Gravis, the sole resident of this dimension. I am a five and a half-foot tall anthro-gryphon. I use Chaos magic and alot of it. Unfortunately, I used too much, and my mind became corrupted. I go completely insane at times. These instances are rare, however, and when they are not happening, I am mostly quiet.

I was born on Ravyden in 496AC (Ramatra Year). Ravyden is a planet that is 12 times the size of your world's sun. Despite it's massive size, it has no more gravity that Ramatra does. No one can figure out why, and frankly, I don't care. Ravyden is sparsely populated and vastly unexplored. It is mostly untouched by technology. Days here last around 4,500 years here as do nights, with dusk and dawn lasting about 500 each. Ravyden's sun orbits it, instead of the other way around. The dark side of the planet is dead until the sun rises and new cultures begin. You might say there is a culture cycle of 10,000 years here. Never enough time to start a lasting civilization. Few have ever left the planet under their own technological advances.

When I was very young, my home was attacked by an evil force. Before then, our community was down to eight or nine families of gryphons, as the sunset was approaching. While my father was defending the village from the evil army with the other mature males, we (females and young ones) were left behind. We were attacked from behind. My mother was killed and I was taken by the evil warriors. That is the only thing I remember since I somehow arrived on Ramatra. I have lived in the streets with my brother Saiwin trying to live off of garbage and things we manage to steal. I found I had the ability to create doorways to any place that I could remember. It is in that way that we were able to survive so far.

This page updated with advancement of "*****", the first in the series of the 5 epic books about my life.


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