So you want to know who to trust? Simple. No one. The Fifth is one of the more docile dimensions, but one mistake can kill you. Here is a list of who stands for what, and why.

Archaius Rex: Archaius Rex is one of the three High Trinity. He runs the tech
research and weaponry development centers of the city. He is an
anthrodragon. Half of him is cybernetic to make up for weaknesses and
wounds and to enhance his strengths. He is a wizard with the four primary
elemental pun intended.

Emerald Ran AKA SVoid: SVoid is a sad story. He is a anthrogryphon, if
you would call it that. He wears his crest feathers in dreadlocks down his
back. He lost his wings in a battle with Osiris Shangwyn.
SVoid runs the illegal magic branch of crime in the city. He is
number two of the High Trinity. He is an archmage in Chaos, Death, Void and Fire,
and is adept in Time. He went insane from the loss of his wings and is my
personal archenemy.

Draven Necros: Draven is the man responsible for bringing me to Ramatra.
Though I don't remember it now, I have ways of finding these
things out. He is considered to be a black human, though he looks more of a
dark brown to me. He now owns Necronomicron, and thus has a bit of
friction with SVoid, its previous owner. Necros is adept in many elements, but an archmage in
none. He runs the Ninth Dimension and the Naote Kent black market.
Organized crime is his forte. He is the third member of the High Trinity.

Chance: Chance is Archaius Rex's right-hand-man / bodyguard. He is never
far from his side unless he's out killing someone. I took one of his
eyes in a fight, but he replaced it with a cybernetic implant. Chance is an
anthrogryphon. He is adept with all forms of martial arts and stealth, and is a
master at any weapon he touches. He uses very little magic, usually only to
heal himself or aid in his stealth.

King Osiris Shangwyn: Osiris Shangwyn is the anthrogryphon king of
Ramatra. He runs every aspect of the planet and his word is law. Despite his
amazing power he is a good king. His military high commander and the five
sector-vicelords check his power. Osiris believes in the
people's opinion, and enacts freespeech and other such rights. He is not
married, but has an adopted heir to the throne. He possesses Jagrandon,
and is invincible so long as he holds it.

Jessye Shangwyn: Jessye is the ultimate incarnation of Light.
He too is an anthrogryphon. Despite how opposite we are I
cannot truly hate him, for we were brothers when I lived with him in the
palace. Jessye is the adopted son and heir of King Osiris, as was I. He is
supposed to fulfill some prophecy thing...I don't know. That's what they say
anyway. Jessye uses Life magic without tiring. It would appear that he cannot
die. I hope he doesn't...

Raven: Raven is an anthrocheetah from En Gedi, another planet (not that that's
unusual). He is a rogue trader and a thief. He can be very superstitious, but he
knows much of nature and the universe. He was at one time a galactic
explorer, but he found that to be dull. He works for me, most of the time. He says
I pay him well. Raven is a deadeye with any gun, and absolutely amazing
with a spear or staff.

Shodun: Shodun wants to be Chance, pure and simple. He too is an
anthrogryphon. He's nowhere near as skillful, but not to be underestimated.
He was made undead by his master after a battle with one too many E-8s in the Ninth
Dimension. His goal is to become a cyberlich. He, unlike Chance, uses a lot of
magic. He used to be Raven's partner-in-crime.

Tsani: Tsani is a day-walking vampire. He is immune to sunlight, but twice
as vulnerable to Life magic. Tsani was at one time the guardian of the
Godforge on Obsidian Castle. He seeks all twelve elemental blades to
create Kandaer, the ultimate weapon. He has made his fortune in downtown
real estate. He was Ramatra's wealthiest citizen until he signed it all over to
King Osiris and became his bodyguard.

Xin Flightlift: Xin is a cocky, wannabe rail-running anthrogryphon who has
too many goals. He wants Kandaer. He wants the rail-running
championship. He wants to be an archmage. And he wants to be the best
fighter in the galaxy. He will not get any of them. He is something of a joke to
the fighting community, and is not adept in any one magic. The only feather
in his cap is beating Rythyn Rush once in the Kunga Run. He also has the
Blackdiamond Starhead.

Rythyn Rush: Rythyn is the only thing standing in the way of Xin's title.
Though he lost to him once, he quickly reclaimed his position, claiming it was a
simple case of underestimation. Rythyn is not a friend or a foe...he just is.
He is the role model of fledglings and children around the galaxy, much as
Michael Jordan was in the Third Dimension. He is an anthrogryphon.

Styrge Ewar AKA Trent: Styrge used to be a Gridland farmer, but is now
striving to be the greatest assassin ever...but making enemies with the
Trinity is not a good way to go about this. For a while they were close, but alas, Trent
had a bit of a conscience and saved me from their clutches when I was
younger. But later, the loyalties shifted again. He was hired by SVoid to kill
my mate, which he did. And for that, I hunt him. He too is an anthrogryphon.

Kalki: Kalki was my mate and my only love. She was a winged
anthrolioness and an unpredictable mage. She came from the same planet
as Raven. Her specialties were Chaos and voodoo, and she could cure any
wound. That is, before she was killed by Trent...

Jaysen Grayfeather: Jaysen is a thirteen-year-old anthrogryphon and a
brilliant hacker. He was born on the streets and grew up there as I did. He
can get anywhere within an hour due to his incredible speed, and he can
hack into any computer in seconds. He was quite a find...I had to break him
out of interrogation, but it was worth it. I shelter him, and he does...uh,
"favors" for me.

Saiwin: Saiwin is my blood brother from Ravyden. He was brought here by
accident at the same time I was. He uses Air magic like Jessye does Life. He
was found by SVoid, unfortunately, who took his wings in an experiment to
gain his power. Saiwin now has cybernetic wings, and is still getting used to
them. I love him dearly, and SVoid will pay for hurting him.

Halyn: Halyn is a dragon and is Jessye's mate. Though no one thought
Jessye could ever do anything wrong, he did. He got mated without union
and had a son, Tavo. They are both very protective of him. Halyn is a
concerned mother and a loving I've heard.

Tavo: Tavo is the son of Jessye and Halyn. He is an anthrodracogryphon.
He is a prodigy at Mind magic and seems to use it naturally. He reads
thoughts and emotions as though they were an open book. He is instantly a
master at any weapon he touches. Oh yeah, he's only nine.

Drethar: Drethar is a lich. He used to be human in his living days. He's the hideous
creature that caused the Darkness to enter me. He is the cause of my life's problems.
He killed my family. He destroyed my village. He will be destroyed by my hand one day.
You can be sure of that. I hate him ALMOST as much as SVoid.

Skrymir: Skrymir is Jessye's teacher and the Court Archmage to King Osiris.
He is the most powerful mage known in Naote Kent. He has mastered almost
all of the elements and can do virtually anything he wants. He too has a check
on the King's power at times. Skrymir is almost more of a father to Jessye than
Osiris is. He is a great man and a wonderful mage. I've envied him for years.
He's an anthrogryphon.


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